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    Musings: Herbed-Baked Eggs

    How are your Herbed-Baked Eggs turning out?

    Post your thoughts, questions, and issues here.


    21 Responses

    1. What kind of dish should I use for this? I am afraid to use my small oval dish… don’t think it’s safe for the broiler. What is everyone baking theirs in?

    2. Well, I would love to tell you how great they were but my husband ate them before I could try them! Granted, I only made 2 , but they looked great and the herb mixture was wonderful. They took longer to cook than the recipe stated – but what a terrific, simple dish to whip up.

    3. Bethany, I think anything Pyrex should be fine. I know some people have planned on using ramekins too. I’m planning on using my oven-safe rimmed soup bowls. I’ll let you know how that works out tomorrow.

      Megan, glad to hear the eggs went over so well!! 🙂

    4. I planned on using my Pyrex too until someone mentioned they are not broiler safe. I’m not sure what else to use. I may go buy a gratin dish from Target.

    5. Mine were really good! The only thing I might have done differently would have been to cook the eggs that extra minute (I only did 5) and they were pretty runny (but warm) inside. I made two eggs in a small ramakin.

    6. I used some soup crocks (think french onion soup) and they turned out great – until we dipped the spoon in… they sooo weren’t cooked! I popped them back in for another 5 min to cook the whites, but that also cooked the yolks. (This may be partly my own fault for using the toaster oven broiler instead of the real oven) 🙂 All things considered- they are VERY yummy!

    7. Bethany,
      I used my ceramic ramekins – the kind you make creme brulee in. It worked perfectly – but put them on a baking sheet!!

    8. Ina doesn’t specify a degree on the broiler, so I set mine to 325 and cooked them WAY longer than she called for… close to 15 minutes. Maybe I should have upped the heat? Anyway, I used a sm. gratin dish and a sm. round corningware dish (appx. 5″) and they turned out fine… a tad runny because of the butter and cream, but still yummy! The herbs gave the eggs a fantastic taste! Can’t wait to see how everyone else’s came out! 🙂

    9. I ended up using my muffin pan and cooking a few individually! They were so yummy. I didn’t have all of the herbs, but I figured it was ok since it’s a trial run. Mine were a bit runny as well, but still great. Will definitely make them again! 🙂

    10. Mine came out great. I used ramekins so the five minute cooking time was NOT enough but an extra five minutes under the broiler was good. Would make them again.

    11. I had a couple individual gratin dishes that I used. My husband LOVED these. My eggs cooked, but the cream made them seem runny…next time I may omit… or maybe use half and half…or use less..we’ll see.

      GREAT recipe.

    12. I made mine this morning. I used my Le Creuset “Petite Au Gratins” which can go under the broiler. They are fairly small though so two eggs in each were plenty. Mine were cooked but a bit runny from the cream so I agree with Elizabeth and would probably leave out the cream next time. But oh the herb mix…..YUM!!!!

    13. I made mine in a couple of Emile Henry ramekins. I put 2 eggs in each and left them under the broiler for 6 minutes…perfect for us since they were completely cooked…yolks too, but probably not how they’re supposed to be.

    14. I made mine in Emile Henry ramekins. I put two eggs in each and they were perfect. I broiled for 6 minutes (after the 3 minutes for the butter and cream) and the whites and yolks were cooked probably more than they should be…but perfect for us.

    15. I made mine for dinner this evening and they were delicious! I used a small ceramic ramekin with two eggs. They baked for about 9 minutes in my toaster oven and were perfectly done for me. One yolk was a little firmer than the other. Overall the eggs was the right amount of runny for me.

    16. I made mine at lunch today (2 eggs in a little ramekin). I started at 380 but they weren’t done after 8 minutes so I upped to 400 for two more minutes. HUGE caveat – I do not like runny eggs at all. So only follow this if you are looking for a solid mass. The herb mix – delish!

    17. These were fabulous! I cooked mine for the recommended 6 minutes and they were firm on the outside and runny in the middle. I also made mine in my creme brulee dishes and it worked perfectly.

    18. I used an individual sized gratin dish which was just the right size for 3 eggs. The herb mixture was delicious, but the eggs were still kind of runny after 6 minutes – that’s OK, we ate around the runny part. Great recipe choice. 🙂

    19. I used my creme brulee dishes and actually measured 6 inches from the broiler–and got my eggs too cooked. Luckily everyone in my crowd BUT me likes the hard cooked version. I made these for a brunch this morning, too–I melted the butter with the cream ahead of time, cracked the eggs into the dishes (I only used two; three seems overkill), topped them with the herb/parm mixture and popped them into the oven when my friends arrived. It was SO easy to have this done ahead of time.

      But this is a def. keeper of a recipe. My friend already asked for the recipe so she could do it for a brunch.


    20. I used creme brulee dishes too, and I also had trouble with overcooking my eggs. I think I needed to believe the timer rather than trying to judge from the apperance of the whites.


    21. I’m playing catch up here and just tried it out. I had no problem with using 10 inch porcelain ramekins. I think this would make a great, easy, breakfast once winter comes but for dinner on a nearly 100 degree day. . .not so much. I did enjoy the flavors a lot once I put the eggs back in the oven and firmed them up a bit more. I just can’t do the runny eggs thing.

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