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    Musings: Parmesan Chicken

    Let’s hear how your Parmesan Chicken is going!

    Don’t forget to post your results in your blogs on Thursday, June 26th!


    20 Responses

    1. I made this last night … I used chicken tenders since i’m HORRIBLE at pounding chicken. DH loved it. The breading was nice and light and crispy.

      It wil be made again. 🙂

    2. I’ve made this several times and the last time I tried to be “good” and used less oil in the pan. It was a mess! Go all the way on this one, lol, and it turns out perfect and SO delicious.

    3. I made this last week and it was great and very filling!

    4. I made it last night and we all loved it! I used 5 breasts and it made enough to feed 5 adults and 3 kids. The vinaigrette was delicious and the combination of the chicken with the salad and the parmesan was to die for! I thought it was quick and fairly easy as well.

    5. We ended up having the chicken with the pasta. Isn’t parmesan chicken such a classic? It’s almost always good!

    6. I made it last week and used matzo instead of bread crumbs (I regularly substitute). It tasted fine, but I wasn’t happy with the texture, so I will probably try this one again before posting day.

    7. I made the parm chix a while back–post is scheduled. But I missed the peas and pasta bec. I was out of town. I think the pasta sounds a lot like Father’s Day dinner, don’t you?I’ll be playing catch up…

      Back to the chix: it was a real hit here. Devoured by all. Even the picky 12 y.o.

    8. made it, ate it, done. Yum!

    9. Can’t wait to make this next week. When will the July recipes be announced?

    10. I make this every two weeks at least. I always pound out the chicken because it makes a huge difference. Everyone loves this…it is my husband’s favorite. I serve it with salad and sometimes mashed red wax potatoes with chopped raw green onions mixed through…a great combination. If you can do this well you can make her Chicken Piccatta and be a double winnder because they are similar and INCREDIBLE!

    11. BMK – the July recipes will be announced on June 30th.

    12. Great dish. I halved the recipe and used premium plus crackers that I whized up in the food processor for the breadcrumbs. (seasoned with a little s&p and Italian seasoning)
      I find the key to pounding chicken is to take it slow. Pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on the food network and put the chicken breast between wax paper and pound pound pound methodically.

    13. I made this last night for dinner guests. We all loved it . I esp. loved the combo of dressing with the salad. I roasted some cherry tomatoes on the vine and served along with it. Will make again!

    14. This recipe is fantastic. We served it with grilled asparagus and the greens and it was a perfect dinner. The next day I ate it cold, thinly sliced over salad greens with the leftover dressing and it was a lovely lunch. Even my 8-month old daughter gobbled it up.

    15. if you halved the recipe, how many boneless skinless breasts (cutlets) did you use? i’m planning on using 3 tonight and want to make sure i will have enough breading to cover all 3 since the recipe serves 4-6 people. tia!

    16. Made it for dinner last night and it was SO good! I wasn’t sure what to expect and used tenders and didn’t pound them out. The dressing was super good and I am planning on having leftovers for dinner tonight. Easy day!

    17. I halved the recipe but used a pound (approx.) of chicken tenders. Half the breading was more than enough.

    18. I am so glad I made this recipe. I thought when I read it, that it would make a great sandwich, and it did. I just used two chicken tenders, and followed her recipe, adapting quantities as I went along.

      For the lemon vinaigrette, I’d just made preserved meyer lemons the week before, so I added a hunk of that (very lemony and salty) to olive oil, with pepper, and whirled it up as a vinaigrette. Excellent!

      Put it all on a toasted rosemary bun and it was a wonderful, wonderful sandwich!

    19. I used three breasts but wound up halving them to create 6 cutlets. Depending on the size of those breasts, I would use full quantities of the flour mixture, the egg, and the bread crumb mixture. I made half of the vinaigrette.

    20. I made this last night and it was a big hit! Hubby loved the crunchy chicken parmesan and the lemon vinaigrette. He requested we have it again soon.
      I used homemade bread crumbs and baked it rather than pan frying it. It was very tender and crunchy. A recipe we will keep around for sure!

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