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    July Recipes

    In addition to being excited to announce July’s Barefoot Bloggers recipes, I’m incredibly excited to say that Barefoot Bloggers now has over 80 members! Check out the “Who’s Turn Is It?” page to see all of your co-members.


    Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread

    from Barefoot Contessa at Home, page 154

    as chosen by Sabrina and Alexander of Cooking with the Kids

    to be posted on Thursday, July 10th.


    Smoked Salmon Spread

    from Barefoot Contessa Family Style, page 35

    as chosen by Ashley of The Spicy Skillet

    to be posted on Thursday, July 24th.



    16 Responses

    1. Is there by any chance an alternative to the Smoked Salmon Spread? If not, not a big deal, but I am allergic to seafood and shellfish, so I’ll have to skip that week.

    2. Great choices! I can’t wait to try these! Must get to store, must cook, must eat…………………………….

      I have a smoker, do I dare smoke my own?

    3. Chelle, just took a peek at the Salmon recipe. What about subbing in grilled diced up portobellas and thyme? Would that be legal?
      Just an idea?

    4. Can’t wait to try those! Oh, and look what’s coming out in October (I got an Amazon alert this morning):


      Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics

    5. Chelle – no alternative recipes but you can sub ingredients (see Kimi’s suggestion above) or take a Pass for the week.

    6. Yum! I’ve made the cornbread before and it’s awesome!

    7. I’m looking forward to both. I may have to make the cornbread this week-end.

    8. I’m excited about the cornbread and I was racking my brains trying to figure out how to make the salmon spread vegetarian but Kimi solved that for me. . .
      Now I at least have a starting point for that one (and a few weeks to figure it out).

    9. I have made the salmon spread before and it was great so I don’t mind making it again! It makes a great sandwich spread too. I have never made the cornbread (or actually made cornbread for that matter!) so i am lokking forward to trying it. Great picks!

    10. OOh…I’ve been eying that cornbread and swooning. I don’t think I can wait, maybe it’s dinner tomorrow???
      I’m definitely subbing out the smoked salmon, I just don’t know what the pinch hitter’s going to be. I’m thoroughly enjoying my BB assignments.

    11. I’ve made the salmon spread as well a couple years ago and it was really good.
      Can’t wait to try the cornbread, that will be a new one for me.

    12. I don’t eat seafood, so I think I’m going to substitute roast beef (deli-style or shredded/pot roast style, not sure) in the spread.

    13. I don’t eat seafood either, but I’m determined to make the spread! Who knows if I’ll buck up enough to make it with salmon. Maybe The Husband will have to help out on this one.

    14. I just made the cornbread last night and it’s FABULOUS!!! 🙂 I used chives instead of green onions and it was great. Can’t wait to hear all of your reviews!

    15. Hi guys! I’d love to make the smoked salmon spread but do I have to make every barefoot blogger’s deadline or can I pick and choose? And do I need to apply to become a member?

      Sorry for all the questions!

    16. Whoops! Sorry guys, just got my answers in the FAQ section (duh!) 🙂

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