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    Musings: Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread

    Give us your thoughts, comments, ideas, problems on the Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread!!

    18 Responses

    1. Just FYI, as of today jalapeno’s are now the chief suspect in the salmonella outbreak. This may make it difficult to get fresh jalapenos to use in the recipe.

    2. Holy smokes! I just threw out all the meat in my freezer because of E.coli. Grrr………

      I planned on using canned jalapenos anyways!!

    3. Hmmm, I already made mine and my friends loved it. Hope they don’t come down with salmonella – where are the suspect jalapenos from?

    4. Yikes. I had no idea. Do you think the pickled jalapenos will work?

    5. I made my cornbread this weekend. It was very good, but not necessarily very cornbread-y. If you like the sweetness and gritty texture of cornbread, you might think about playing with the flour to corn meal ratio.

    6. According to the FDA, jalapenos have not yet been identified as a suspect in the salmonella contaminations of recent weeks. Here is some information about salmonella, including food safety tips on how to prevent cross-contamination:


      Salmonella is killed when food is thoroughly cooked, and because the contaminated tomatoes (or jalapenos – or both!) were eaten raw, an outbreak has occurred.

      For this recipe, the jalapenos are cooked. If you want to take an extra precaution, roast them in the oven first then chop them up and put them in the cornbread. If you want to use a different type of pepper – like poblano or serrano – please feel free, I have no problems with that. There are other ways to make this recipe, so please don’t skip it because jalapenos at this point might be linked to the contamination. 🙂

    7. I made the cornbread last week, had NO idea about the jalapenos!! We didn’t get sick, though, so that’s good! The cornbread tasted really good, but not like the cornbread I am used to. I think I prefer it a bit more gritty, and crumbley!

    8. i have jarred jalapenos, but i am thinking to maybe sub with olives instead.

    9. from AnneStrawberry b/c I accidentally deleted it:

      I’ve made this a couple of times and omit half the butter. I’m sure it’s tasty with it all, but it worked great for me with only 1/2! 🙂 Also, I think the jalapeno taste is really mild and will use more peppers and onions next time for sure.

    10. I put mine in muffin tins and they are now smoking up my kitchen. If you hear sirens don’t be alarmed. I quickly put a cookie sheet beneath them but it won’t catch everything. Betcha they’re good anyway.

    11. My plan was to make the cornbread yesterday afternoon….all went as planned until as I was sprinkling the scallion garnish over the batter my power went out during a very bad storm! We didn’t have power until later last night! My pan never made it to the oven, but instead has been in the fridge over night….it will bake this morning and hopefully will be just as delicious?

      PS…thanks AnneStrawberry for the comment about using only half the butter, next time I will try that to cut back a little.

    12. I made this earlier today to have with tonight’s dinner. I of course, had to sample a piece. The texture is fantastic. Very light and cake-like. Can’t wait to hear what everyone else thinks!

    13. This was delicious. I thought that it was not very spicy but that was okay because then the kids could eat it. I used skim milk and halfed the butter (Thanks Anne). It had a great texture and was more like a cake then cornbread.

    14. Just finished dinner and this was a HUGE hit with my husband! He’s already requested I make it again for some company on Friday! I prefer a little sweeter cornbread, but by adding butter to the top before eating it made it just right!

    15. I LOVED the cornbread. I did add extra scallions and jalapeno but I have to say that this is truly a delicious cornbread. I agree with others that the texture is cakelike but the addition of sharp cheddar cheese really pulls everything together. =D

    16. I halved the recipe, used less butter, and upped the corn flour to AP flour ratio, but I still found this to be very cake-like. It was good, but not necessarily the best I’ve ever had. I won’t add the peppers again if I make it — too spicy for me. It was a snap to pull together, very easy, and my mates at the office will enjoy the left overs for sure.

    17. If you haven’t made this recipe yet – you DEFINITELY should give it a shot. It’s in.cre.dible. It’s moist and cheesy and wasn’t spicy at all (i removed all of the seeds and pulp) but had a lovely jalapeno background flavor – delish!

    18. I love this recipe! I use it all the time, all my family loves it & it makes enough for everyone.

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