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    Musings: Coeur a la Crème

    Give us your thoughts, comments, ideas, problems on the Coeur a la Crème!

    I would assume most of us do not have the traditional heart-shaped dish for this recipe but I’ve found a few online for those of you who would like to invest in it (see below). You have plenty of time to place an online order as we don’t post this recipe until July 31st. Ina’s recipe calls for a sieve (mesh strainer) and I’ve read on Serious Eats that this method (not the recipe in the Serious Eats link) works just as well.

    Sur la Table ($23.95)

    Amazon.com ($8.99)

    Fantes Kitchen Wares Shop ($9.99)


    16 Responses

    1. Oooh!! Thanks so much for checking this out… I see a trip to Sur la Table in my future. 🙂

    2. I ordered the one mentioned from amazon plus a set of four mini heart ones. Hope we like coeur a la creme at our house 🙂 We’ve never tried it before but it sounds delicious.

    3. I’ve made this once before, using my trusty colander and it was fine. I follow the Alton Brown school in which no tool serves a single purpose.

      I’m looking forward to making this again.

    4. I just ordered from Amazon–looks like fun!

    5. I don’t know of any place, offhand, near me to buy these moulds so I thought I would just pick up a few at amazon.com (US) They only wanted $75 for s&h + duty!!! Guess I’ll be using the collander.
      I wish the Canadian amazon had housewares. Of course, that would be truly dangerous for me.

    6. I loved this recipe especially with the raspberry sauce Ina suggests. I found my heart mould just at a local kitchen store for $10, and they turn out so cute!

    7. Okay maybe I’m totally missing something, but I don’t see anywhere in the recipe where a special dish or mould is mentioned. Am I totally reading over it?? Help me 🙂

    8. Chelle – the recipe doesn’t call for the special dish – it calls for a sieve, which is what i think i’m going to use. if we love the dessert, maybe i’ll invest in the special dish.

    9. I love this recipe. It is incredibly delicious and always impresses guests. The recipe for the sauce could be cut in half – it makes a ton.

      The dish’s sole purpose is for any liquid to drain off while it sets in the fridge. I have never found any significant liquid when making this…and i have made it many times.
      When I am out of cheese cloth, I use a paper towel and it is fine.

      I bought a dish online for under $10 after I purchased one for my sister at Sur La Table for closer to $30.

      Yum, yum.

    10. I made 1/2 the recipe and made it in my small round strainer with a layer of cheesecloth and it seemed to work well. Maybe not as pretty as a heart shaped one but it turned out looking pretty good one garnished. Very tasty!

    11. i made the whole recipe and it makes A TON. but, it was absolutely to die for. i used a plastic colander lined with paper towels. it definitely needs a long time in the fridge before serving – the recipe says overnight but mine needed like 24hrs but maybe that’s because i didn’t use cheesecloth. we loved it so much that i’m considering buying the dish. 🙂

    12. Yeah… so, I should’ve halved the recipe. 🙂 You girls are right. I have a ton of it in my fridge now. Plus, it didn’t drain off any liquid at all… not even a drip. Is this weird??

    13. Mine didn’t drain any liquid at all either and turned out fine. I halved it and I still had more than 2 servings worth left. It was really good, but pretty rich.

    14. Delicious, but dumb dumb me didn’t line the heart dish with cheesecloth the first time and went I went to unmold it – whoosh, plop. I smarted up and it turned out fine when I molded the extra (the stuff that had been draining in a sieve) into the pan. I think my mom will like the failed batch thought – I’m bringing it over to her tonight with some of that yummy raspberry sauce.

    15. Hi All:

      I just found your blog on a google search. I love Ina’s recipes, and have a couer a la creme in the fridge as we speak. I went looking for information since mine hasn’t drained a drop of liquid – it looks like others had the same issue. Oh, well. Looking forward to trying it later today. As for the raspberry sauce…Its taking a lot of discipline to keep my hands out of it! 😉

      I picked up a heart-shaped mold for $10 at a local kitchen supply shop, and am using cheesecloth. 1/2 the recipe fits its perfectly. To me, the cheese mixture tastes very much like a no-bake cheesecake, so as long as the cheese holds some kind of form – there’s no way this can’t taste incredible. I’ll let you all know what the end result is like.

    16. I’ve made this recipe several times and my family now considers it “Ken’s dessert”.

      The easy-to-make vs delicious-to-eat ratio on this one makes it a favorite for me, especially if you have a good mixer (I have a KitchenAid) to whip the cream and cheese mixture.

      I use a colander with cheesecloth and that works fine (I usually only get a very small amt of liquid drip off over night). I’d prefer the heart-shaped molds but they are too small for my large, greedy family (for whom I usually have to double the recipe)!

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