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    Musings: Smoked Salmon Spread

    Give us your thoughts, comments, ideas, problems on the Smoked Salmon Spread!


    18 Responses

    1. I made this for 4th of July and everyone loved it. With all the cream cheese and sour cream, I thought it might be too rich for the hot weather, but the tanginess of the dill and the saltiness of the salmon balanced it out perfectly.

    2. I would spring for the fresh dill if you can and I wouldn’t use canned salmon (speaking from experience, ahem…) 🙂

    3. Can I please have a PASS for this recipe? We don’t like seafood, and I can’t think of an adequate substitute… unless someone has an idea…?

    4. I’ve made this several times and it’s always a hit. The key is not to skimp on the ingredients, ie use smoked salmon, not canned, real sour cream not low fat, same with the cream cheese, and fresh dill. I usually make crostini from sourdough baguettes to go with it.

    5. this was delish! i forgot to buy fresh dill and used dried instead and i found that 4oz of smoked salmon (fresh wild Alaskan) is a heck of a lot cheaper than i thought it would be ($4.99 on sale). we served it with cucumber slices and bagel chips.

    6. I was thinking of making this and stuffing it into cherry tomatoes. Do you guys think that would be good?

    7. Yes–I think it would be very good! Serving it with cucumber sounds tasty also!

    8. Great ideas! I’m going to make this for my inlaws this Sunday…I’ll serve it with cukes and bagel chips! Thanks for the ideas!!

    9. Great Idea Jen, I think I may try that 🙂

    10. I was thinking of subbing out the salmon in this recipe, but if I do that I would probably have to also sub out the dill and horseradish to make the flavors work….basically that would change the entire spread. Is this allowed? I’m guessing not…sorry to be a pain. I just don’t think hubby is going to be on-board with this one 🙂

    11. We liked this. I did add some extra lemon and dill. I would make this again, Thanks for the ideas of cucumber slices and tomatoes. That sounds awesome!

    12. This is another recipe that proves many spreads and dips are just as easy to make as they are to buy. I only had to pick up a small package of salmon from Trader Joe’s and I had everything else, and it came together very quickly.

      That said, like Susy, I thought it was under-seasoned as written, and I felt it needed more of all flavor — salt, pepper, lemon, and dill. I added more of all. In retrospect, I should have made it as is, and then seasoned it again later, before serving, giving the dill and lemon a chance to dance. By adding more dill and lemon immediately, I came to reget it because it was too dilly later on, when it ripened.

      Finally, I split the recipe between two seafoods. I made the “base” identical, and then divided it in half. To one half, I added the minced salmon. To the other half, I added jumbo lump crab meat. Between the two, I much preferred the crab dip. That’s the one I tucked into immediately, with crackers. The salmon will go to work with me tomorrow, with some bagels if my co workers are lucky.

    13. I picked up my salmon last night. I am going to make this for hubby for tomorrow as he has to work late. I think that the spread with your suggestion of nice crostini and cukes will be a nice picnic to come home to. Maybe a glass of Sauv Blanc, some soft music….

    14. I think I’ll have to pass on this one 😦 I’m unable to find smoked salmon and have zero time – plus hubby is out of town so it’d be just me eating it. 😦 But, it’s going on my list of things to make for a party – if we ever have a party.

    15. Yikes! Glad I waited until now to read these posts. I, too, thought of serving with cucumbers and tonight I filled cherry tomatoes and new potatoes with this for a party tomorrow.

    16. BB is bad for me! I got up at 3 a.m. to go to the, well, you know, and stopped to see if my scheduled post had posted. Then I began reading other posts. It’s 3:56 and my alarm goes off in an hour.

    17. I made this with corn instead of salmon last night (to make it vegetarian) and made it a hot ‘dip/spread’ but kept everything else just about the same, we loved it!

    18. I was a couple days late in making this (will be blogging it this weekend) but I really liked it! My husband eats smoked salmon more often than me, but I really like it in dip form!

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