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    Musings: Butterflied Chicken

    Give us your thoughts, comments, problems about the Butterflied Chicken here…

    15 Responses

    1. I’m wondering about how to adapt this recipe without using whole roasting chicken – neither my husband or I eat dark meat, so it would be a bit of a waste. Can we sub breasts?

    2. If you read the reviews on the food network site, several posted substituted chicken breasts with great results.

    3. when i made it we used a whole chicken and did a few breasts for a party. both were yummy.

      after spreading the paste on the chicken we just folded them up into little pockets to keep everything together.

    4. Can’t wait to make this! I am definitely just using skin on chix breasts. Deboning a whole chicken scares me!! I know, I’m a whimp.

    5. This was moist, succulent and delicious! Lots of flavor. I accidentally picked up skinless breasts but it still worked fine.

    6. I totally whimped out and had the butcher at WF debone and butterfly the chicken for me but if I remember correctly, I’ve seen Ina bring home a deboned chicken before so I don’t feel too guilty. 🙂

      The chicken turned out awesome!! I was so nervous to be grilling the whole thing on a gas grill but I kept the heat low to medium low and it took about 23-25 minutes to cook. I started with skin-side down and flipped it after about 12 minutes (just like the recipe says). The skin was crispy and delicious (and I’m NEVER one to eat the skin) and meat was cooked perfectly. Can’t wait to post about it!

    7. I bought a whole chicken (even though it’s just me, I can use the leftovers with a ton of stuff), but I am terrified of butterflying and deboning. Any recommendations?

    8. My hubby said this was the best chicken he ever had!! Everything came out perfect and the meat just fell off the bone. I used 2 chickens and next time will only use one. The leftovers quickly became a delicious chicken salad. Definitely a keeper!

    9. I used bone and skin on chicken breasts since my butcher wasn’t willing to debone a chicken for me and the breasts were only 1.89 a pound.

      I also seared them on the grill pan and they baked them at 425 until they reached 165 (about a half an hour). They turned out moist and flavorful- definitely a make again!

    10. I have an issue with chicken on the bone (I’m trying to get over it). 🙂 I went with skiness/boneless breasts and a few extra tenderloins I had to use up and it worked perfectly. This was a really yummy recipe that I’ll definitely use again!

    11. Here is a link to Food Network.com.

      It shows how to butterfly a chicken. I do this reguarly. A whole chicken is much less expensive and you get a great amount of meat and uses. Even and especially if you cannot get all the meat of the bones you can boil them for stock. Delicious!

      Hope this helps!


    12. Thanks Erica! Since I am so bad at following instructions, I just ended up chopping up the chicken into pieces and grilling them individually. Still turned out amazing though!!

    13. I can’t wait to try this…I recommend kitchen shears for your tool drawer–makes short work of getting rid of that chix backbone…will report back…I know my family will love this…I also think it’s a good–GREAT–excuse for me to go buy myself a charcoal grill. Our gas grill died a long painful death..


    14. I loved this recipe, and I generally am not a big chicken fan. It has a ton of flavor and the chicken stays juicy. Also, we did ours in the oven with no ill effects.

    15. The lemon rub tastes great on portobella mushrooms.

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