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    Musings: Panzanella

    Give us your thoughts, comments, problems about Ina’s Panzanella here…


    21 Responses

    1. I made this yesterday and it was GREAT!! Made it a bit more Italian but I loved it.

    2. How many servings did it make? I’m thinking of halving the recipe.

    3. I totally halved it because I didn’t need 12 servings for just me!

    4. any idea on what I can use instead of chamagne vinegar?

    5. You could substitute a regular white wine vinegar for the champagne vinegar.

    6. I made fresh French bread today so I can’t wait to use it for this recipe! I’ve never had it before though – should I plan on using it as a “main dish” for lunches, or as a side to something else (suggestions?) for dinner?

    7. All I can say is OMGoodness! Delicious! I made the whole recipe for hubby and myself. We just ate the salad itself for dinner. This salad blew my husband’s socks off! He kept saying that he couldn’t believe how much flavor this salad had and just how good it is. This coming from a total meat and potatoes guy. The recipe is such a keeper for us. Yay!

    8. I can’t wait to try this. I’m going to serve it with the grilled chicken.

    9. I just made this for lunch and it was AWESOME! I halved the recipe and it was perfect for the two of us for lunch. I also used rice wine vinegar in place of the champagne vinegar … SOOOO good!

    10. I just ordered some champagne vinegar from netgrocer, I figured it would be a fun item to have in the pantry, even though I’m sure you could easily find a substitute.

    11. This was delicious. I used ciabatta bread and halved the recipe. It was so good two of us managed to polish it off, no leftovers here!

    12. I made it for a party and everyone loved it! My friend commented that it’s all the good parts of a salad with out the bad stuff ie. lettuce. haha

      yum! it’s a keeper

    13. Made this last night for my brother and my husband…we all loved it! I used a healthy grain bread and kalamata olive bread instead of the french…I love how the bread is toasted in the olive oil before it hits the salad…WOW! Forgot the capers though…

    14. We made it yesterday for brunch and totally loved it. We finished it off today for breakfast. The two of us. I would say it makes 6 main servings or 12 small sides.
      Hubby is still raving about it.

    15. This was really good, we halved it, and it still made plenty for 2 and leftovers. Of course I left my camera in my parents camper, so I have NO pictures, and it may take a few weeks before I can get it back!!

    16. I could eat a bowl of this all by itself! This was delicious. Perfect for summer.

    17. I can’t find Champagne vinegar in my rural area. What do you think the best substitution would be? White wine vinegar?

    18. Wow this was AMAZING! Seriously, so good. I added some rotisserie chicken and thought it was even better plain, it’s just that good.

      I also subbed white wine vinegar and loved the dressing- not too tangy but very flavorful.

      Awesome recipe!

    19. I loved it. A great side dish (and it does definitely need to be halved). I left out the peppers and put Kalamata olives and chopped sun dried tomatoes in instead (with some blue cheese too of course. How can you have any kind of salad without blue cheese?).

    20. This was actually the fourth time I have made this recipe just this summer. A lot of my family members are dieting and this is perfect for them! I noticed that some bloggers were talking about halving the recipe. I thought it was ironic because I always double the recipe and still don’t have many left overs.

      By the way. . . I thought the 14th was friday, so I didn’t post until just now (about 1:03 am (eastern time) on friday morning. Sorry, but its up and there are pretty pictures! YAY!

      (I am way too excited about this!)

    21. A lot of bloggers are commenting on not being able to keep the panzanella. Here’s an idea . . . After toasting the bread, keep it separate from the salad. Serve the salad and bread and let people add the bread on top of their serving. They can mix it in if they want it to pick up the dressing. When storing, keep the bread on the counter (out of the sun) in a zip top bag. (The salad can go in the fridge. 😉 ) I have kept the bread for up to 3 days. I am a little weird about trying it for longer. Hope this helps!!!

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