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    Musings: Grown Up Mac and Cheese

    Let’s here what you have to say about the Grown Up Mac and Cheese…


    32 Responses

    1. A few of you said you’ve made this before – I’d prefer to make it in one casserole dish instead of individual dishes. What size casserole dish would you recommend using for this? That’s my one Ina pet peeve – she hardly ever specifies the size of the pans she is using!

    2. I didn’t find this recipe in any of the cookbooks (there is a Mac-n-Cheese recipe in Family Style, but not the same one). I wanted to point out a good resource on Ina’s own website: an index of all her cookbook recipes.


      This is handy if you are trying to remember where you saw a recipe, but don’t want to leaf through all your books…

    3. I make mac&cheese a lot, in about the same proportions, but I don’t put it in the oven. I would use a 1 1/2 quart baking dish for this, maybe 2 qt. at the most. I make my sauce in a 2-qt. saucier, then throw in the cooked macaroni and everything fits with a little room to spare.

    4. anyone substituting for some of the cheese? The gruyere is the one I’m concerned with – I found some at the grocery store today and it was $10 for 1/2 lb. I’m not sure we’d eat what’s left over from the recipe.

      • Costco. It will be a bigger chunk than you would buy at the grocery store, but WAY less per pound and Gruyere is good in lots of stuff. You can use what’s left for French onion soup, Monte Cristo sandwiches, fondue or anything you would normally use Swiss cheese for.

    5. I am also wondering about a bleu cheese substitute…being pregnant bleu cheese is not something I can eat. Any ideas? Should I just use extra of the other two? Thanks!

    6. Chelle – An 8 x 8 was perfect.

    7. Oh my goodness, just ate this for dinner… it was incredible!!! The gruyere really had a strong smell as the dish was baking and I was a little worried that it might be overpowering, but the resulting flavors were magnificent!

    8. Just had this last night–the sauce would make the most perfect cheese soup! I loved the addition of the blue cheese.

      I actually think this could have benefited from a little garlic, but then, doesn’t everything?

    9. LOL at Chelle – gruyere has an AWFUL smell while baking. I made an au gratin potatoes once with gruyere (also an Ina recipe) and the whole house smelled like feet. But it tasted good!!

    10. Wow. This was a lot of work for mac & cheese – I made so many dirty dishes! I can’t wait to write up my experiences.

      I also chose to make it in a single cassarole dish and it worked lovely. Its so decadent, but I think I may have mis-measured my Blue Cheese, because WHEW – its almost *too* much even for me, a self-described Blue Cheese lover.

    11. Horray! I am thrilled! I love grown up Mac and Cheese! I did substitute the cheeses because I had other types on hand and it is incredible! Not something I can make weekly…it is so rich…but it is amazing!

    12. Just made it and it’s amazing. I left out the blue cheese and used more of the cheddar and Grueyere. Otherwise, I followed the recipe and it was fantastic. Of course it’s going straight to my hips, but I have two weeks to work it off before the cream of mushroom soup πŸ™‚

    13. I’m probably going to make a few small changes on this recipe, mostly for the sake of trimming it down a bit to eat as a side rather than as dinner all by its lonesome, and to try and make it just a bit more healthy… will sub in whole wheat pasta, adjust the cheeses a bit (planning on keeping the cheddar but replacing the gruyere with prima donna and using stilton for the blue cheese, but using a bit less of it than the recipe calls for because I’m not a huge fan) and probably sub in some mushrooms and tomatoes for the bacon (or use just a tiny bit of bacon for smoke and saltiness, or maybe even turkey bacon… not sure yet).

      I do love mac and cheese, but won’t let myself make it often because its so incredibly bad for you… but I don’t mind an excuse to splurge on calories once in awhile πŸ˜‰

    14. i love love love gruerye cheese and have an awesome mac recipes that uses it but instead of blue cheese uses brie. Love it! Making this week and will probably leave out both due to pregnancy.

      Also I might just use chicken instead of bacon because of a whole load of shredded chicken I made the other day. Really cant wait to try this out! Not sure if it will beat my favorite recipes but it might!

    15. made it this weekend and it was good – but not as fabulous as i hoped it would be. 😦 i did lighten it up by using skim milk (as i always do with mac n cheese), 2% cheddar (along with Grueyre and champange cheddar), and turkey bacon.

    16. I made this word for word this weekend, and I thought it was incredible!

    17. This was FABULOUS! I made it as written except used store bought bread crumbs and dried basil for the topping.

    18. Really impressed with this recipe – I am not a great mac n cheese fan, but this was really good. Great choice!

    19. I’m now wondering if I didn’t follow her measurements correctly. I wasn’t sure how much an ounce of cheese was but I guessed that one ounce of cheese was one square inch. Am I way off?

      My Grown Up Mac and Cheese turned out bland. Maybe I am just accustomed to the “blue box” version? Maybe I’m not grown up enough at 28 years of age to appreciate this dish. πŸ™‚

    20. Hi all! I just joined BB this month and this was my first recipe. I LOVED it! I love blue cheese and Gruyere, but my husband not so much. He still ate a lot of it though. Is it just me or does this dish make a lot for just two servings? My husband ate a nice-sized portion, as did I, then I had some for dinner tonight, and there is still a lot left over. Overall, very yummy!

    21. Eek! Thought I had another week to do this, time flies now that I have my new job!!! Looks like I’ll be visitng Whole Foods tonight and having mac and cheese for dinner, can’t really complain!!! πŸ™‚

    22. yep, this recipe made a ton – definitely serves at least 4 rather than 2.

    23. It turned out just okay for me. The problem was my own food issues. I couldn’t use the bacon (We are vegetarians) and the Gruyere was so expensive that I had to sub Swiss cheese. I am so jealous of those who used the bacon and Gruyere because I am sure those two things made all the difference.

    24. I made many of the same substitutions. I used one casserole dish (1.5 quart) instead of individual dishes. I started with a box of frozen Macaroni & Cheese (for the cheddar portion! Don’t judge me!), but added Gruyere (Trader Joe’s is reasonably priced), half and half, a container of Gorgonzola Cheese Spread, and added proscuitto in addition to bacon.

      RICH, but so good.

    25. This was my first BB recipe! I think it turned out pretty well but like others have said, I wasn’t blown over. And I couldn’t believe how much the Gruyere cost! I also made it in one casserole dish and figured it was enough to feed four people. I served ours with roasted broccoli and salad to get some veggies in with the carbs. Overall a very good starting point for mac and cheese, but I think it could be kicked up to be cheesier with a bit more spice and flavor. I think next time I’ll sub Italian spicy sausage crumbles for the bacon and add butter and parmesan cheese to the bread crumb mixture to make it a little tastier.

    26. So I made the recipe last night, basically with the changes I’d planned on, and it was SUPER good. Everyone who’s saying it made a lot more than you expected, you’re definitely right… I assumed the recipe was meant as 2 servings for dinner with nothing else, so I halved it, thinking it would make just the right amount for us each to have a smaller portion with some veg, and we ended up with twice as much as we needed. Not really complaining, as it meant I had a super yummy lunch today, but the original recipe MUST serve at least 4 for dinner…

    27. I thought this was so so good. I love recipes with “grown-up” cheese. I don’t think you can substitute low-fat dairy products in macaroni and cheese. It just won’t taste right.

    28. Mine is baking in the oven right now.

      On a whim today, I decided to go to Trader Joe’s to look for the necessary cheeses, and I’m glad I did!! I found quality cheese for a really reasonable price, I spent less than $5 on each cheese and it bought enough for me to make a second batch for a friend’s party on Saturday. So next time if you can, check out TJ’s!!

    29. I really enjoyed making this dish. I made just a few subs (used smoked mozzarella in place of the Gruyere and blue, and add peas) and it turned out beautifully! I also made it in individual gratin dishes (just ’cause I have them and thought it looked cute!) and the thing I liked about it was there was more crunchy topping then when made in a larger casserole dish, which is good because the crunchiness is my favorite part!

    30. I made this for dinner last night and for the cheeses used Hoop Cheddar, Gouda and Sage Derby. (My DH does not like either Gruyère or bleu.) This cheese combo was delicious. Because of the sage flavoured cheese, I left out the nutmeg and used some fresh sage with the breadcrumbs. Baked it in a single dish. Next time I make it I will leave out the bacon. We had three for dinner and had some leftover. Definitely a keeper recipe, though.

    31. This recipe was SO yummy! I used a Mexican Cheese Blend and Italian Breadcrumbs instead because that was all I had in the house. The left-overs were even better the next day, I swear!

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