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    Musings: Butternut Squash Risotto

    Let’s hear your thoughts, comments, questions, and suggestions for the Butternut Squash Risotto…

    P.S. – This recipe is listed as Saffron Risotto with Butternut Squash in Barefoot Contessa Family Style.

    31 Responses

    1. BMK – I made the risotto last night and you wouldn’t acutally add the squash in until the very end right before you serve it. So, you can definitely make the risotto and then only add the squash into your portion – which is exactly what I’ll have to do the next time I make it b/c hubby isn’t a fan of butternut squash either.

      The recipe was amazing btw!!

    2. For those who might be interested, the episode Ina cooked this recipe in is on today, 10/2, at 5pm.

    3. i’m so excited to make this. does anyone recommend a certain brand of Arborio rice? This is my first time making risotto.

    4. I buy Texmati Arborio. It comes in a good-sized container so its kind of a committment to buy it just for one meal if you’re not sure if you’ll make it again. I’ve seen smaller boxes in the Italian section of my grocery store though – where the jarred sauces and Kraft parmesan cheese containers are.

    5. what time zone? 5 p.m. Eastern?

    6. Tara-thanks thats good to know. I can’t wait to make this one.

    7. I love butternut squash so I’m looking forward to this dish. I am a little nervous though because I’ve never made risotto before…I hope it turns out well 😉

    8. I’ve been wanting to try making butternut squash risotto for the last couple years, but haven’t done it yet because J really doesn’t like butternut squash. I’m going to have to scale this recipe WAY back to try and make 1 serving out of it… otherwise I’m going to have a ton of leftovers!

      I have to say, though, that I doubt I’ll make any changes otherwise – I think I’d like to try this one exactly as written.

    9. i forgot to mention…i halved the recipe and it worked perfectly.

      the keys to risotto are to have patience with it and to really cook it on low to medium low. it actually took about 20 minutes longer to cook than Ina said it would but the result was incredible!

    10. I made this tonight and it was wonderful. As Tara metioned, it took longer than Ina’s recipe said but the flavors and texture were excellent and I am not a huge squash fan either.

    11. I just noticed the post-by date on this one, and I’m probably going to post a day late… the bf won’t be home for dinner on Friday the 10th (going to an opening night hockey game… lucky bastard) so I’m planning on just making this for myself for dinner that night. Hope that’s alright!

      I bought my squash yesterday at a farmer’s market on the north fork, I can’t wait to make this!

    12. Becky, if you’re still looking for rice, I use Rice Select arborio rice from the supermarket. It comes in a squarish plastic jar with a red label and costs about $6. As long as your buy Arborio rice, though, any brand should work.

      If anyone is interested in saffron, Trader Joe’s has small jars (about 2 teaspoons) for $5.99. I’m sure it’s not the very highest quality for this price but I just couldn’t justify spending $17 elsewhere!

    13. I bought my Arborio at Whole Foods… very reasonably priced. I also purchased a teaspoon sized portion of saffron threads at Whole Foods for $3.95.

      My squash took a bit longer than the recipe said, but it was the weekend and I loved the extra time in the kitchen…

    14. I got the arborio at Trader Joes for about 3 bucks. I left out the saffron since my food budget is getting to be a bit much. It was still delicious, but would have been more so with the saffron.

    15. Since the saffron is called for in both recipes this month, I went ahead and got it at Trader Joe’s. Like Audrey said, it was $5.99.

    16. I made this today for a late lunch. It was delicious. Can’t wait to blog about it!

    17. I made this yesterday and it did take longer to cook the risotto than Ina said. It makes a huge bowl of it also!

    18. I made this yesterday and it took a lot longer for my risotto to cook that Ina said. Also, it makes a huge serving! We’ll have risotto several nights this week!

    19. Did anyone see this timely NY times piece on swapping American short grain rice for Arborio? I’m going to try it for my rissotto.

    20. This was the most delicious thing that I have made! Possibly ever! If you are thinking about sitting this one out, don’t. I don’t love winter squash, but it was perfect in this dish. I even reduced the butter to 2 Tbls. and it still came out wonderfully creamy.I think the key is to use great quality chicken stock. Yum!!!!!!

    21. This was my first recipe on barefoot bloggers. It was great. I agree, such a delicious dish….I am glad I made the entire recipe!!!

    22. I’m having trouble with the saffron. I refuse to pay the $20 Kroger is charging, so I’m off tomorrow for a Mexican market. I’ll have to post late tomorrow.

    23. I found my saffron at Trader Joe’s for $5.99, as well, and a pinch will suffice, with plenty left over for the rest of the recipes (and rest of the year). I scaled this recipe down by half, very easily, and it was wonderful.

      I have one word of caution for anyone planning on making this tomorrow — post day. The pancetta, butter (mine was salted butter), parmesan, and perhaps even your broth, all have salt. Then, Ina salts this recipe at the squash roasting stage and again at the stirring stage, and I wish I had not added any salt at all. It was too salty, but still absolutely delicious.

      Next time I make this (and I will) I will let the salt of those ignredients come out naturally, and then season to taste only at the very end if it’s necessary.

    24. P.S., Mary Ann is correct. I used my own homemade stock and I swear, I was late to that bandwagon, but I’ll never go backed to canned or boxed broth.

    25. I made the butternut squash risotto last night and it was DELICIOUS. It was the first time I have ever made risotto (have wanted to make it for a long time but never did) thanks to this challenge and joining the barefoot bloggers I finally made risotto. I found it to be very easy and the results were incredible. The only change I made to the recipe was instead of pancetta I used bacon because I had just bought a whole pack of that. Can’t wait for the next recipe.

    26. This risotto was very, very tasty. I made a half recipe and still had leftovers, which reheated very well. I think this is better than risottos I’ve had in nice restaurants, which probably has to do with the saffron and how creamy it all turns out. Yum!

    27. Leave it to Ina to make perfect risotto. I left out the pancetta but it was still delicious!!

    28. I agree with the comment above about leaving out the additional salt. I felt like my final product was a little on the salty side and a bit rich for my taste. My husband enjoyed it though and went back for seconds. This was my first recipe, and I’m excited for the next one!

    29. I loved this recipe! Agree with the others that the salt needs adjusting. Mine was a tad salty but still delicious.

    30. I know I’m seriously late, but I finally posted my results yesterday. I traded pumpkin puree for the butternut squash, sage for the saffron and bacon for the pancetta. I call it the budget version of Ina’s risotto!

    31. I couldn’t find pancetta and I didn’t buy the saffron (due to the price) but I loved this recipe. The creaminess and the flavors are so simple, yet phenomenal.

      I used low salt 99% fat free chicken stock and it tasted wonderful. I guess that’s why mine didn’t taste too salty.

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