BRC: Search for an Avatar

Let the voting begin!!

It’s time to choose your favorite BB avatar!! After receiving a number of entries, it was very difficult for me to narrow the choices down to just 5. However, the job is done and now I leave it up to all of you to cast your votes in order to choose your favorite one.

Rules for Voting:

1. One vote per group member

2. You must be a member of this group in order to vote

3. Leave a comment in this post (and only this post) and be sure to leave your blog address and email address so that I can verify your vote

4. Voting will end at 11:59pm ET on Wednesday October 22nd.Ā  The winner will be posted on the morning of Thursday October 23rd.

Now on to the choices!!!

Number 1

Number 1

Number 2

Number 2

Number 3

Number 3

Number 4

Number 4

Number 5

Number 5


61 Responses

  1. #3!!!

    they are all so cute but Iike #3 the best.

  2. Sooo cute! I love them all and don’t want to choose, but I’m thinking #1. Love the simplicity!

  3. I agree that all are cute–but I like #1.

  4. I like them all but #3 is my favorite.

  5. These are all adorable. I vote for #3.

  6. I love #3.

    The colors are just really pleasing.

  7. I vote for #3. Great work on all of them though!

  8. I like a couple of them – but for only one vote, I say #4.

    Can we use the alternate ones if the one official avatar picked isn’t one we like?

  9. I must agree,
    and vote for 3.
    Though all are so pretty,
    number 3 takes the kitty.
    Contessa, we bow to thee,
    unworthy tho we be.

  10. They are all so clever, but I think that #5 says it all.

  11. I like #5 best.

  12. I vote for #3.

  13. I prefer #4, but #5 is a close second.

  14. I like #3 the best.

  15. Love them all, but my vote is for #3!

  16. I agree that they are all wonderful and are very creative but since I can pick only one I’ll have to choose #3.

  17. I vote for #4.

  18. i like all of them actually, but #5 is my favorite. i like the toes for the o’s… šŸ™‚

  19. I like number three the best – although they all have their charm. Thanks to the clever folk who came up with them!

  20. My vote is for #1. Great job everyone, they look awesome!

  21. I like #1. But they are all cute and creative. Nice work.

  22. Definately #1!

  23. I like number 3 the best.

  24. I like # 3 the best, but they are all great!

  25. i’m a pretty big fan of #3 myself.

  26. I vote for #3. I love the colors and the images.

  27. I like #3 the best as well. Good job everyone!

    And Kimi, that was really cute. šŸ™‚

  28. #3 gets my vote!

  29. My vote is for #3.

  30. #3

  31. Excellent choices, but my vote is for #3.

  32. I love #5, it’s cute and totally fitting!

  33. They’re all great – but I’m voting for #5.

  34. Great job on all of them but I have to go with #1–love the simple bare foot on it.

  35. I like #3 the best!

  36. I’ll vote #1

  37. Nice job! I’m voting for #1

  38. I like the illustration of number 3, but not an immediate fan of the pastel, and love the font and simplicity of #1, so … #1 is my first choice, and #3 is my second choice. It would be fab if we had the winning avatar rendered in a variety of color schemes so that we can all make sure our purses match our shoes. In fact #3 in black and white would be really retro and cool!

  39. All were great, but going with #3

  40. I have already voted for 3, but I do agree with Kate’s comment on the color scheme. In the size it is now, the word “bloggers” is difficult to read. If the green were darkened a bit or if the design was offered in different color schemes, it would really show off the excellence of the design.

  41. I like #3! Great choices all around though!

  42. Hmm… They’re all really great!
    I guess #5 would be my choice, since I have to choose.

  43. I vote for 3! They are all lovely, though! Great work, I could never do it!

  44. I agree with the comments about number three- I love the design but think the color is a little less readable. Seriously though, all of these are great and creating them is definitely a talent I admire!

  45. I love #1. But feet and food don’t really go together!
    So, I guess I’ll have to choose #3.

  46. Decisions, decisions. #5 for me.

  47. # 5 beckons me. Great job by all who participated:D

  48. I like #1 best.

  49. I see I’m in the minority on this one, but I have to go with my heart, which says #4.

  50. I love #3

  51. My vote is for #1… love them all, though! šŸ™‚

  52. I vote for #3

  53. I’d vote #5, with #3 as a close second, with a stipulation… dunno who designed them (pretty obviously the same person) but could the accent color be made a little darker or brighter? In both, the green and orange blend into the background where the lines are thinner (the toes in #5, the word “Bloggers” in #3) and although I really really like the design, it makes me a little cross-eyed trying to actually see what’s there. I guess the bg could also be made lighter to accomplish the same thing… anyone else agree?

  54. I like #3 and #5!

  55. Number 5. Number 3 is too similar to Daring Bakers with the mixer…in my mind anyway.

  56. They all look great, but I like #3 the most.

  57. My vote is for #3…love the beaters used for the oo’s, although the foot in 5 is cute as well.

  58. # 3 works for me…

  59. my vote is number 3! i love it!

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