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    Meet your new avatar!

    Let me first say THANK YOU to all of the Barefoot Bloggers who submitted an avatar in the recent BRC. I received close to 10 avatars, certainly making it difficult to narrow my choices down to the 5 avatars which the group voted on. The creators of all of the avatars that were submitted did an outstanding job and I truly appreciate the time and effort they took to create the submitted avatars.

    Secondly, I would like to thank all of the group members who voted. A blogging group’s avatar is probably the most important identifying factor of the group to the rest of the blogging world. The fact that you took the time to evaluate your favorite of the 5 choices means that you have had a say in how our group will be “branded.”

    Thirdly, I’d like to personally apologize for not having posted this last Thursday morning. I have recently had some family health issues come up in the past week that have prohibited me from posting as frequently as I would like to, both on my personal blog and here on BB. To this end, I am a few days behind posting on both blogs.

    And lastly…Please take a moment to CONGRATULATE Lisa of Lime in the Coconut for creating the winning avatar for this BRC!! 65% of those who voted declared that avatar #3 will be the BB avatar. There were a few suggestions about the colors used in #3 and after my discussing with Lisa, she changed up the colors slightly and increased the heaviness of the font for the word ‘bloggers.’ I think you will be happy with the result. 🙂

    This is the official Barefoot Bloggers avatar. I encourage you to post this in your blog and to use it along with your BB posts. You are not, however, required to use it. If you choose to post a BB avatar (or post header) in your blogs, please be sure it is only this avatar that you use.

    If you would like to post the avatar as a clickable image in your sidebar, please use this code:

    <a href=”https://barefootbloggers.wordpress.com”><img class=”alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-417″ title=”bb_avatar_2-1028083″ src=”http://smellslikehome.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/bb_avatar_2-1028083.jpg?w=128&#8243; alt=”” width=”128″ height=”94″ /></a><code>

    Please note that I am NOT versed in html and it took me almost 2 hours to figure out how to make this work in my blog. If this code doesn’t work in your blog, please refer to the ‘”customer care/FAQ” area of your blog hosting service for instructions on how to link an image to a webpage…or maybe someone can leave a comment in this post with instructions. 🙂


    As a result of Lisa’s winning avatar submission, she has the pleasure of choosing a bonus recipe for November. This bonus recipe will be in addition to the regular bonus recipe and will also be optional. Check back here on Saturday November 1st for Lisa’s choice.


    17 Responses

    1. Done! It looks great!

    2. yeah lisa! great job!

    3. Wonderful job, Lisa! I really love it! Can’t wait to see your bonus recipe pick 🙂

    4. I found it easier to save the picture (or copy and paste it into a folder) then add it as a picture to your layout! the avatar is wonderful. Thanks Lisa!

    5. Beautiful! I had trouble adding this at first, but my husband fixed it for me(I love my nerd). In blogger, select “add a gadget” then select “html/java script” then paste the following code,
      <a href=”https://barefootbloggers.wordpress.com/” target=”_new”>
      <img src=”http://smellslikehome.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/bb_avatar_2-1028083.jpg?w=128″/></a>
      I hope this works for you!

    6. Looks great!
      Also – I got my new book, Back to Basics, today! Very excited BBer.

    7. I LOVE it! The design is so cute and the colors are perfect. Awesome job Lisa!

    8. I’m so glad the new colors are a hit. It even matches some of the coloring on the blog too! Thanks for the votes 🙂 It was a lot of fun coming up with ideas.

    9. I messed with mine for a few minutes and finally got this code to work (I think you could just put it in the “add html widget” feature or something… I made mine smaller to fit next to my TWD icon)

    10. I’m not sure why it didn’t paste in.. if this doesn’t work email me if you’d like a copy of the code I used.

    11. Another thing you can do (in Blogger) if you want to have the avatar on your home page is to copy the picture of the avatar onto your computer (as Michelle says), then use the picture gadget in Blogger layout and just type in this blog’s URL as a link (you’ll see.) This will let you click on the avatar too. I did have to reduce the size of the avatar image (I did 25% of original size) before I uploaded it so it wouldnt be too big… I know this is many more steps than using the code but with all the little bugs in Blogger I’ve had trouble making the codes work consistently…and the 10-year-olds I know are just too busy to help sometimes! 🙂

    12. Thanks for all the work on these. It looks great.

    13. I use WordPress and added a Text widget and pasted the code Tara provided. However, when I pasted it I ended up with one too many quotation marks (“) – just something to keep an eye out for if the embedded link within the image doesn’t immediately take you to this site.

    14. Thanks for the code, but this is not working on my Blogger. Any suggestions are appreciated. (and I tried the one that Summer posted too – no go)

    15. LOVE the new color scheme, very updated and fresh. Thanks!

    16. Esi, I have blogger, but I didn’t add it as “html code.” On Blogger, when you go to Layout, you just select “add a photo” to the area of your choosing. First, download the photo from the BB blog (enlarge it from the thumbnail first, and then save the large version), and save it on your own computer. Then, using LAYOUT and ADD PHOTO, upload it from your own computer using the “add a photo” element. It will ask you if you want to scale it to size (yes). You have then the option to link the photo to the BB site, which I did. Hope that helps.

    17. Thanks Kate! 🙂

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