November Recipes

Welcome to November’s recipe choices! Due to the holiday this month, I realize that posting the second recipe on 11/27 may be difficult but I encourage you to make the recipe early, write up your post and schedule it to post on 11/27.


Kelly from Baking with the Boys

has chosen Herb Roasted Onions

which can be found in Barefoot Contessa at Home on page 156

and should be posted on Thursday, November 13th.


Judy from Judy’s Gross Eats

has chosen Mexican Chicken Soup

which can be found in Barefoot Contessa at Home, page 34

and should be posted on Thursday, November 27th.



8 Responses

  1. The mexican chicken soup sounds delicious! I’m not a big fan of onions but I’ll definitely have to give the herb roasted onions a try!

  2. Mmm, great choices this month. I kind of wish that we got more side dishes for our monthly selections – J and I are always looking for new and interesting side dishes, as it seems we’re always falling back on the same handful of recipes. And we’d actually intended to make a similar soup a week or so ago, but ended up missing some ingredients or something and made black bean soup instead. Now we can make up for our mistake :-p

    I think those onions will need to go along with some roasted chicken next weekend. Plus, we can use the leftover chicken afterwards in the soup! And since we’re traveling at the end of the month for a week, I’ll be able to get everything up on time 🙂

  3. Oh these recipes look great! I’m happy they are on the “healthier” side! Can’t wait to try them out!

  4. These look great! I’ve been dying to make the onions since I saw that episode.

  5. Those are great choices, hooray. Actually, that onion side dish would be great for Thanksgiving, wouldn’t it? I’m eager to try both recipes.

  6. Both of this months recipes look great! The onus recipe look good too! Gotta get cooking soon!

  7. Hello! I just found your blog today and LOVE it! I, too, am a HUGE fan of Ina Garten.

    And my attempt at a food blog began with a Barefoot Contessa recipe – Butternut Squash Risotto.

    I look forward to reading more on your blog.

  8. I hope everyone has had a chance to make the Mexican Chicken Soup. We actually had it for dinner Tuesday night and it is a keeper. Pics and review are now posted on my blog.

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