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    Musings: Herb Roasted Onions

    Let’s hear your thoughts, comments, ideas, questions about the Herb Roasted Onions!


    19 Responses

    1. These were delicious! Fast and easy, super-flavorful, and cheap too.

      I would leave out a little mustard if you aren’t a huge fan (it was the predominant flavor in the dish, I though) but altogether I really liked it. Great choice!

    2. They were awesome! I substituted brown mustard for the dijon, using a bit less than the recipe called for, and everyone really enjoyed them – super simple and very tasty!

    3. I just joined BB and the herb roasted onions will be my first dish… can’t wait to try them!

    4. We had these tonight with a steak and some Whiskey carrots and they were a huge hit with my husband! I took Anne’s advice and cut back a tad bit on the mustard (which thank you, that was good advice!) and substituted half the dijon for country dijon (more like a whole mustard grain texture). The only negative to the recipe is that unlike what was indicated, I didn’t have any marinade left over to drizzle on top when they were done roasting (which I would have liked). The flavor was good and we will definitely make this again.

    5. I made my dressing in a big bowl and then tossed the onions in there when I was done cutting them. Then, I used a slotted spoon to scoop them onto the pan and it left the extra dressing in the bowl (which I poured over them after I took them out of the oven). Hope that makes sense!

    6. I am glad these have gotten good reviews so far. I wanted to pick something easy but that I might skip over otherwise. This dish got good reviews on the Food Network site. I am going to make them this weekend. Happy cooking!

    7. These were delicious! I used the leftovers to cook with eggs the next morning (sounds weird but were so good!). Thanks for picking this recipe, I’ll be making it often!

    8. I’m a bit suprised by the mustard comments – my wife doesn’t like mustard and even she didn’t think it had too much. I did think it had too much lemon flavor and think I might leave off some of the marinade at the end.

    9. Maybe it’s the type of mustard? I used regular Grey Poupon and it has a pretty pronounced flavor.

      As for lemon.. I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much (at least around my kitchen!) Either way these are YUMMY!

    10. So, here’s a question. We’re having another couple over for dinner tonight and I’m planning on making these with a simple herb-roasted chicken and some roasted new potatoes. I’ve figured out my own recipe for the potatoes that works really well, but sometimes roasted chicken is a bit of a hit-or-miss for me. Does Ina have a roast chicken recipe that anyone here has tried and can vouch for?

    11. We loved these onions. Especially the charred bits! Mmmmmmm. Definitely something that will be made again.

    12. these onions were fabulous! i made them with a roast chicken and they were the perfect side. i halved the recipe but used a full tsp of the mustard and both hubby and i were pleasantly surprised with the flavor – and hubby is not at all a fan of mustard in food (except on hot dogs of course lol).

    13. Erica-I have made Ina’s Roast Chicken with Lemon Croutons and it is delicious. Absolutely perfect for entertaining. I highly recommend it. Its one of my all time favorite Ina recipes.

    14. Erica, I have made her “Perfect Roast Chicken” numerous times and it is wonderful. Has turned out ‘perfect’ (pardon the pun) every time, even the first time.

    15. These onions were great. Like others I may not have made this, but I am glad I did! Great pick….nice quick and super tasty!!!

    16. Very nice, simple recipe! I used dried thyme instead of fresh, but that was my only substitution. I loved the smell of the onions roasting!

    17. To each his own… I love mustard and used more of it than the recipe called for and wasn’t disappointed. I also used dried herbs. These were delicious! I wouldn’t have thought of using the leftovers with eggs… will have to try that 🙂

    18. I served these for dinner last night along with a rotisserie chicken from Fresh Market, Crash Hot Potatoes and Shredded Brussels Sprouts. Dessert was Pomegranate Ice Cream.

      These were so good! We did not find the mustard flavour to be overpowering at all. I have made these before with the Dijon mustard, but was out right now so used Boar’s Head grainy mustard instead. I always serve these hot, rather than at room temperature. That might make a bit of difference in what flavours stand out more. And I did have a bit of marinade left in the bottom of the bowl that I drizzled over the onions after taking them from the oven. Posted pics with my review.

      Kelly, thanks so much for choosing this recipe. It was the starting point for a perfect meal.

    19. These were great! I’ll use the dressing recipe in the future with other roasted vegetables.

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