Musings: Savory Palmiers

Let’s hear what you have to say about Ina’s Savory Palmiers…


5 Responses

  1. these are super easy and really delicious. This might be the easiest BB recipe I have made so far and I have only missed 2. If you have a party that you need an appetizer for, I highly recommend these and I made some sweet ones as well, which were super good!

  2. Did anyone else think that they needed more filling?

  3. I agree…I think it needed more filling. They were tasty but not outstanding. I’m thinking some proscuitto rolled up in there would be awesome!

  4. Just a heads up that I am back on board and cooking again…determined to participate–I’ve missed working my way through these recipes. So Savory Palmiers are coming up next for me.


  5. I’m not an official Barefoot Blogger so hope it’s ok I’m posting…

    I did these for a small dinner party and they were outstanding! Definitely one of the easiest Ina recipes I’ve made. One of our guests for the party is a fan of all things pork so we did talk about proscuitto in them as well. Or one could omit the tomatoes…maybe some chopped artichoke hearts instead? Perhaps a different cheese?

    That was why I loved this recipe so much – it left a lot of room for creativity and substitutions.

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