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    Musings: Easy Sticky Buns

    Sorry that I forgot to post a Musings post for the pancakes but from what I’ve read, it seems like most people made them without issues. In any event, post your thoughts, comments, suggestions, questions about the Easy Sticky Buns here…


    11 Responses

    1. These were super easy and delicious! My only issue at all was the butter and brown sugar mixture overflowed a little and dripped on the bottom of my oven during baking.

    2. I did use less sugar and butter. Mine was perfect! I bring to work at 9:00 , its 10:30 and nothing left!!! So goooddd!!!!!!!!

    3. The butter did overflow but the recipe did say to put the muffin tin in a sheet pan lined with parchment. That should keep anything from the oven floor and make cleanup a little easier.

      I do agree that they were very easy to make and tasty.

    4. I made the sticky buns this morning . . . my advice is to be sure not to overbake! I think they would have been better if I had taken them out of the oven at about 25 minutes instead of 30. They were really tasty, just a little bit crispier on the outside than I would have liked.

    5. I’m thinking of doing these the opposite way and putting the brown sugar/butter/pecan mix on the tops of the rolls instead of the bottoms, mostly for easier unmolding of the rolls after baking and cleanup later, but also to try and cut back in the butter a bit (can’t quite see my way to putting an entire tbsp of butter on every roll!). Wondering if anyone else has considered this, or even tried it? I’m hoping it won’t end up a total disaster!

    6. Erica- I reduced the butter in this recipe by half and only put about 1 tsp on the bottom of each cavity of the muffin tin and then melted the rest and didn’t even use all that I melted, and they were still delicious. They came out of the pan fine too.

    7. Erica – I think you might have a hard time putting the stuff on top since they do stick out a bit unless you really press them down. That might work but I am not sure it would really help make it easier. My suggestion is to unmold as soon as possible – maybe even sooner than the five minutes so stuff doesn’t start to harden much. Cleanup isn’t really a big deal – it all melts off in hot water.

      Less butter is probably a good idea – but I kinda figured sticky buns were not supposed to be good for you. I

    8. Similar to Mary Ann, I reduced the butter by half and didn’t need all the melted butter and had no issues. I actually thought they seemed pretty buttery. I did over-bake them slightly–next time I would do 25 minutes but the insides were still soft and flakey.

    9. I too reduced by the butter — significantly — and still had a tasty result. I think every recipe Ina creates can be reduced without ill effect. I barely used a dollop in each well, and my buns were perfectly caramelized and came out of the tin nicely, with no overflow.

      I will make these often. Thanks Melissa and BFB!

    10. My muffin tin was deep I guess, because I did not have any overflow issues. Its six-muffin set-up. I put a little square of parchment paper in the tins before I put down the butter-pecan mixture. I found the parchment paper not only helped get the buns out, but it also helped shape the pecans snugly on top of the buns.

    11. I followed the recipe on amounts and felt like there was too much butter. Next time I will cut down on the amount.

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