January BRC Recipe

Hey all!  I just wanted to quickly pop on to announce this month’s BRC winner.  Rebecca over at Ezra Pound Cake has once again referred the most number of people to the BB blog, this time for the month of December!  Since she did such a fabulous job choosing August’s BRC recipe (California Grilled Pizza), I was excited to see what her choice would be this month.  I wasn’t let down and I don’t think that you will be either.  Rebecca has chosen for you all to create your own cheese platter!!  As we all know, Ina is all about entertaining and her cookbooks always include some abstract and creative ideas for food rather than just recipes.  So check out the link above and go out there and be creative!  Both Rebecca and I are anxious to see the wonderful platters you all come up with!  Post your cheese platters on Thursday, January 29th.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks Rebecca, this sounds like fun! Is anyone else thinking of making this a little late for a Super Bowl party? I always have so much fun making treats for Super Bowl Sunday 🙂

  2. We love having cheese platters. I made the one for Barefoot Blogging this past weekend and am posting about it now.

  3. I had a lot of fun putting together my cheese platter. Here in Kentucky, we eat a lot of beer cheese and I think I will try a Kentucky themed cheese platter in the future.

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