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    Cheese, please!

    From what I’ve been seeing in your blogs, those of you who mustered up the courage to do a cheese platter for January’s BRC had a great time doing so! The creativity for this challenge spreads (no pun intended!) far and wide so I hope you enjoy the photos and snippets from your some of your fellow members. Thanks again to Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake for choosing this Bonus Recipe!


    Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake


    Rebecca says:

    “I picked this challenge, because the cheese counter at Whole Foods was a total mystery. Because I was reading great things about American artisanal cheeses but hadn’t tried any. And because, when you have a large group of people all making the same recipe, you seize the opportunity for variety where you can get it. In this case, straight from the cow’s teats. Or the goat’s. Or the sheep’s. We don’t judge.”


    Deb of Kahakai Kitchen


    Deb says:

    “Everything on it is from America–thanks to the Feb 09 bon appetit article on 50 easy ways to eat more green that said eat American Cheese.”


    Candy of Candy Girl


    Candy says:

    “I added chunks of a Dutch cheese called Beemster, a slab of Fontinella, a slightly sharp cheese I love, and a small log of herbed goat cheese. A pile of beautiful green and red grapes and a sliced pear rounded out the platter.”


    Karen of Shortbread


    Karen says:

    “I wish I could have a fancy cheese tray at my house all the time (and a waiter to serve me), but since I’m the one doing most of the fancy cheese eating, I have to limit myself a little…Mine includes (from left to right) Wisconsin Black Sheep Truffle Cheese, Saint Andre Triple Cream Cheese from France, and Port Wine Raw Cow’s Milk Blue Cheese.  All very different and all very delicious.”


    Cora of Cora Cooks


    Cora says:

    “For my platter, I chose a French wicker tray and arranged it with Maytag Blue cheese, Spanish Manchego, a soft Chevre, Brie, and a wedge from a Moultonborough country store wheel of Cheddar…The first of the Florida February fragrant strawberries are in my local market, so I had to have those with my cheeses. Then I candied some walnut halves, added some sweet fresh raspberries, and some absolutely incredible organic Medjool dates.”


    Suzie of Munch + Nibble


    Suzie says:

    “I would love to show you 30 cheeses and the various condiments and fruits that I like to serve with them, but budget and space meant editing the choices down to three: a hard, a blue and a soft. I chose them for a mixture of textures (hard, crumbly, creamy) and flavours (from mild-ish to very intense). Today they all came from France, but don’t assume I don’t also love cheeses from other places, especially local cheeses.”



    4 Responses

    1. *sigh* I made a cheese platter, and then never got around to posting it. Probably just as well though, because mine didn’t come out nearly as pretty as all of these… I tend to go for more geometric presentations, and these natural-looking tumbles of ingredients seem to work much better.

      Ah well, nice job all!

    2. Every one of these cheese platters is gorgeous, really gorgeous. I don’t think even Ina could top these. What a great blog. I love Ina and have all of her cookbooks. She has taught me so much about easy entertaining. Great job everybody.

    3. Hi… We just discovered your blog today. We love Ina too!
      Your cheese platters are beautiful. Please come visit our blog when you have a chance. I met Ina at the Fancy Food Show, she’s even more charming in person!

    4. These photos are absolutely delectable! I’m a huuuuge cheese lover myself and coming from a preparedness background, I just had to find out how to preserve cheese so I could enjoy it anytime – EVEN in the event of an emergency! http://tinyurl.com/cb3d6y

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