March BRC + 1

Hi all! As I’ve mentioned recently, we’re going to do two Bonus Recipes this month – March’s pick + February’s pick (due to my lameness this was never posted last month).  Please take a moment to congratulate Mary and Tia for efforts during Feb and March!


February BRC Recipe

Sautéed Broccolini

as chosen by Mary of Meet Me in the Kitchen

and should be posted on Thursday March 19th.


March BRC Recipe

Brownie Pudding

as chosen by Tia of Southern, Eh?

which can be found in Back to Basics, page 218

and should be posted on Thursday March 19th.



9 Responses

  1. I’ve never tried broccolini. Fun! And it doesn’t have the gigantic florets, so maybe I can coax Jeff into trying it. We need more veggies.

    And the brownie pudding… I saw Ina make it on the show. Holy wow. It’s gonna be good.

  2. What great choices!

  3. I’ve so been waiting to try that brownie pudding.

  4. So we are posting these on the same day?

  5. yes – but remember that the BRC recipes are optional.

  6. Oh man that brownie pudding looked awesome on the show! Can’t wait to try these! 🙂

  7. so, what you are saying is that I am allowed to eat brownies as my main dish, and broccolini as my side dish. I CAN NOT WAIT! Im so glad that I am an adult and no one can tell me not to eat brownies for dinner.

  8. I think I’ll be making that broccolini along with my chicken piccata (especially since I’ve already got some in the fridge!)

  9. Hi everyone! I just joined BB and I can’t wait to get started with these great recipes.

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