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    We're an [extra]ordinary group of cookers and bakers with a love of all things Ina. We'll be blogging through the recipes in How Easy Is That? as a group posting about them on each Thursday of every month.
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    Musings on Facebook!

    Ready to start talking about the Chicken Piccata? This month, we’re moving Musings to our Barefoot Bloggers Discussion Board on Facebook! The board has plenty of space for topics, comments – even your photos.

    Our Facebook group is a private, closed group, so only BBs can join. The security features are excellent, and it even has chat capabilities! How cool is that?

    So, if you haven’t already, sign up for a Facebook account, and join the Barefoot Bloggers group. Once you click to join, e-mail Tara at barefootbloggers@gmail.com with your full name and your blog’s name to be approved on Facebook.

    See you there!


    8 Responses

    1. I really wish you would reconsider this. I think the Facebook group should be optional. I keep my personal life separate from my food blogging. Face book is not a guarantee of security and privacy. Now, those of us who aren’t comfortable sharing those details with strangers cannot participate in discussion about the recipes.

    2. I agree with BMK. Perhaps a show of hands would be in order, or, some indication of why this move is necessary? Besides the “seperation of church and state” issue that BMK raises, I also struggle with time and too many online tasks to handle in a given week. While I enjoy this group blog, I don’t enjoy the Facebook or MySpace platforms at all, nor do I wish do join an additional group or platform, in order to talk about *this* one. Either way, I’ll continue to enjoy this forum — but I wouldn’t joing or be a presence on FB.

    3. I can understand not wanting to be in a separate platform like facebook I am not sure the privacy argument is valid. The default settings are not the best for privacy but they can be adjusted to keep whatever you want private to whoever you want it to be private with.

    4. I do not have a blog, but love to particpate and follow the dialogue here.

      Does this change mean that this will not be possible in the near future?

    5. I understand I can block my profile, I will still have to show my name and my picture. I can’t protect my anonymity to strangers on the internet. Also, I use Facebook with a wide range of people and I don’t share my blogging activities with all of them. With this, it would show me as a member.

    6. I try, too, to keep my “real life” separate from blogging and don’t use my real name on my blog or anything. I think everyone would be disappointed if they found out my real last name was not Strawberry (It’s not nearly that cool, unfortunately!) I’m guessing that wouldn’t be possible to do on facebook? I’m not opposed to facebook itself but like to keep things nice and clean so to speak.

    7. Oh man. I’m not into facebook or myspace. We don’t do facebook or myspace in our house at all. I do all of this anonymously. I guess if you want to move musing to facebook I just won’t read musings any longer.
      Oh well.
      ~Delta Whiskey (Cat)

    8. We’re addressing the Facebook issue…hang in there…we’ll have it worked out soon! 🙂

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