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    Are You Twittering?

    Well if you aren’t, give it a shot!  We’re starting a fun new feature here on BB using Twitter and starting tomorrow (Saturday) we’d like to give you the option of Twittering through the new Barefoot Contessa, Back to Basics episodes on FoodNetwork as a group.  The BB blog has been updated with all of the Twitter feeds of current BB members whose email addresses showed up in my search to follow all of you.

    If you’d like to participate and have a Twitter account, Follow barefootblogger (no ‘s’ at the end!!), jump on tomorrow during BC – 1:30pm Eastern/12:30pm Central – and let us hear your real-time thoughts about what Ina’s doing.  It’s a new episode called Easy French and you can find the recipes to be featured here.  If you don’t have a Twitter account and want to join in the fun, go to Twitter and sign up then search for barefootblogger and start to Follow us.

    You’ll see a list of the BB members who the BB blog is following and will be able to see their Twitter updates as they happen.  If you’re not on the list or are new to Twittering, send me (Tara) an email and include your name, blog address, and Twitter RSS feed (this can be found by clicking the RSS link below the people you Follow and then copying and pasting the url on the next page). If you don’t want the BB blog to be following your Tweets, send me an email and let me know – I will remove your feed.

    Edit: I removed the Twitter feeds from the BB blog as they started to clutter it up a bit.  You can Follow the BB blog on Twitter by clicking on the link in the left sidebar.  There, you will find all of the current BB group members who are on Twitter and are being Followed.  If you’re planning to participate in a future BC Twitter Event, it would make sense for you to follow these blogs as well so as to not miss the conversation. Plus, it’s important to Follow ‘hashtags’ so that your Tweets during the Event will be logged and will be accessible to be read in the future.

    So if you’ve got some time tomorrow, join us!!  And if you do, if you wouldn’t mind starting your Barefoot Contessa Tweets with “BB”, that would be fabulous so those who are following the Tweets on the BB blog will know what you’re talking about.  Looking forward to Twittering along with you!!!!


    7 Responses

    1. It would be better to use a hash tag than the BB thing. Look at http://twitter.pbwiki.com/Hashtags. It doesn’t look like BB would be a good tag cause lots of people are using it – would be better to tag with #barefootblogger or something similar. If everyone did that it would be easy to have an rss feed of just items tagged with that hash tag if you wanted.

    2. great idea Todd!

      in order to add your Twitter updates for the Barefoot Contessa event to the tag so that our posts can grouped, you’ll need to start Following hashtags http://twitter.com/hashtags on Twitter. after you Follow them, start your BC event Tweets with #barefootblogger and then type your Tweet. it should be that simple but since i’m so new to Twitter, i really do hope it works!

    3. Sorry I missed the twit event – hopefully next time. I was glad to see you used my idea though. When I got home I was able to go to http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23barefootblogger and see the whole event!

    4. Tara, you rock! Sorry I missed the tweeting… I’m not usually home on Saturday mornings. I’ll make an effort though!
      ~Delta Whiskey (Cat)

    5. I’ve got a Twitter account, but not the slightest idea how to use it. I suppose this would be a good reason to try, eh?

    6. I’m trying to quickly figure out how to use my twitter account so I can join you next time. Looks like it would be so much fun! Between now and next time, I have to learn about hash tags. I’m guessing it has nothing to do with beef and potatoes for dinner???? Thanks for setting all this up!

    7. Just found barefoot bloggers but have started following from @kellenebishop. Look forward to following you on twitter!

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