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    Musings: Chicken Piccata

    Questions? Comments? Fire away!


    12 Responses

    1. i’m making the piccata either tomorrow or sunday; will it be okay to skip out on the breading? i’m really averse to breaded chicken. it’s a huge obstacle in my life =).

    2. I’ve made this dish several times and am looking forward to making it again. I do, however, ease up on the lemon zest. In Ina’s recipes, I find her use of lemon just a tad bit too much for me and I LOVE LEMON!

    3. you can omit the breading. substitutions/deletions generally work fine for any of Ina recipes.

    4. Ina is obsessed with parchment paper. I think plastic wrap will work just fine when pounding the chicken out. Speaking of…. does anyone has an suggestions on ensuring chicken is a uniform thickness? I have had problems in the past with one side being thicker than the other. TIA!

    5. I made this a couple of nights ago and absolutely loved it…I added capers to it and it was perfect with the lemon. I can’t wait to make it again…

    6. Aggie: Capers are a great idea. Just made mine, so I think I’ll throw some on before I eat it!

      So glad I read your comments and didn’t just pour the sauce over this chicken. It’s LEMONY.

    7. I swapped the chicken for tofu and it turned out great!

      The sauce was very lemony but I loved it 🙂

    8. Chicken Piccata was a huge hit at my house. I didn’t think to add capers, but they sound great. For pounding out my chicken, I usually put 2 pieces at a time in a large zip lock bag and pound away. No mess, no leaks, no slippery slimy stuff on the counter!

    9. This was fantastic! I used medallions of boneless chicken to save time on flattening, and it was great because I got 5 servings instead of 2. The sauce was quite lemony, but mellowed when put on the chicken. I had capers nearby, just in case, but found I didn’t need them.

    10. Ok guys, I have to admit, I lovvvvve the lemon. But I’m a “let’s put lemon on everything!” … “lets eat a lemon wedge!”…. “more lemon please!” type of person.

    11. Well, even though I made another variation of chicken piccata last week, my husband LOVED this version. I think it had to do with the thicker breading- it had more of a “chicken nugget” feel. lol

    12. Last Wednesday was my bday and I didn’t manage to get to this. I had planned to make it for my birthday dinner and had even bought the lemons in advance (I had only had them for 3 days!!!!). The day of, I went to get the lemons and they had mold all on the bottom. SO, I am making the chicken piccata and sauteed broccolini tonight. I’ll post about them both on Thursday. Sorry for the delay!

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