The Great Facebook Debate: Update!

We had no idea how many non-bloggers out there were cooking along with the Barefoot Bloggers until we mentioned moving Musings to Facebook. And several of you voiced your preference to keep Musings on our website, so …

Musings is staying here.

However, we hope everyone will continue to join the Barefoot Bloggers discussion board on Facebook. We’d like it to become a place where all of us can bounce ideas off of each other about food, blogging, food porn, photography, Food TV, food reality TV, all things Ina, etc.

Now, on to the Chicken Piccata!


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for ‘hearing’ one non-blogger! I would miss visiting here.

  2. Thanks for reconsidering. I’m a BB, but prefer not to be on Facebook. Tuesdays with Dorie has a Google group. Maybe this is something we can also consider?

  3. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for listening! And, I’m on Twitter and following already. 🙂

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