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    Musings: Brownie Pudding

    If you caught Ina and Jeffrey’s latest anniversary episode, you saw how amazing this dessert looks. Questions? Comments?


    14 Responses

    1. I made the brownie pudding last night and it got rave reviews from males and females ages 5 to 32. It reminded me of lava cake but I think I liked it better. As soon as I find the cords to my camera I will post about this wonderful recipe for liquid brownie love!

    2. no questions or comments from me but i just had to say that i’m THRILLED to try this one!!

    3. I have never made anything with a water bath and am a little intimidated. Also, does the type of Cocoa powder matter?

    4. I thought at one time I heard Ina mention an Italian cocoa powder that she uses. It started with a “P”. I have found Perginnoti Italian Cocoa Powder and Perugina Italian Cocoa Powder. Does anyone know if it was one of these two? I have never used a gourmet brand but might give it a try if I knew which one to get.

    5. Deb, in the book, Ina references the Perginnoti cocoa. Where did you find it? I’m thinking about checking out Whole Foods for it.

    6. This looked amazing on the show and I’m excited to try it (but will have to find a good excuse, since my non-chocolate eating husband would die if he saw how great this looked!)

    7. I made this today – I too was excited to try as I’ve never made anything with a water bath or a real vanilla bean. I have to say I was disappointed. I followed the instructions exactly, but the taste did not live up to the billing. I used Ghirardelli cocoa powder. Interested to hear other results.

    8. Made a half recipe of this today and loved it! Thanks for a fun pick 🙂

    9. I made this for supper tonight and thought it was delicious. The thick, crispy crust was something new for me. It worked nicely with the fudgey “cake” underneath. It was very rich and sweet, definitely something I’d want in smaller portions. But paired with the ice cream, it made a great dessert. Will be making again!

    10. I found the cocoa powder Ina uses at Williams-Sonoma.

      I really loved the two different textures of the dessert. Crispy cookie on top and gooey cake on bottom. However, the dessert was way too sweet for my taste. I’d like it to be more like Ina’s Outrageous Brownies, which aren’t as sweet as this. I’m going to try round two with some added instant coffee (like in the brownie recipe).

    11. My first BB post! I really liked this recipe, it was simple to put together. It was a tad too sweet though, I had my pudding with milk, instead of ice cream because of the quintessential brownie flavor. I’ll definitely make this again, I think I’ll take down the sweetness a notch!

    12. we’re having guests this weekend so I’ll be making the brownie pudding and the goat cheese tarts…. I’m a bit nervous as I have a tricky oven over here….. :o)

    13. I had no luck with the brownies and consdiering I tried to discard the water bath while the brownie vessel was still in the water bath… I had compelte mess on my hands.

    14. This is my husband’s new favorite dessert! I only have access to plain old Hershey’s cocoa powder, and it still turned out great!

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