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    Musings: Sautéed Broccolini

    Did you serve the broccolini with your Chicken Piccata? Or, are you having trouble finding it? Post any questions or comments here!


    14 Responses

    1. I’m hoping “baby broccoli” is the same as broccolini, because that’s all I could find, and I went to several different places.

    2. Actually I did! One word of advice–either top the broccolini with lemon juice or top it with the chicken sauce, not both! It’s just a little too lemony that way!

    3. I bought “baby broccoli” too! Looked like broccolini to me!

    4. i actually found the broccolini – it was near the fennel, herbs, sprouts, and leafy lettuce varieties in my grocery store rather than near the broccoli. and i did serve it with the chicken piccata. it was a great combo!!

    5. I have it, got it out to serve with the Chicken Piccata, and then when I cleaned up from dinner, there it was, still sitting on the counter. Completely forgot about it. So I’ll make this weekend. I love it and eat it all the time. I’m not sure why IG takes the extra step of blanching it first — I’ve never found it needed it because it’s so much thinner and more delicate than regular broccoli. I typically just toss with OO and roast, but I’ll try her way, this time and see if I’m converted to blanching.

    6. Broccolini is not the same thing as baby broccoli – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broccolini . I do think stores may label it wrong though. I bought it and it was labeled broccolini, however, it rung up on the register as baby broccoli. I did serve mine with the chicken and it was a little bit of a lemon overload having both together. It wasn’t a hit with my wife – she wouldn’t eat the stems. My 19 month old loved it though and somehow managed to eat it with only his front teeth.

    7. I served the broccolini as well. I thought it was a nice compliment to the chicken but not something I’d like on a too regular basis.

    8. I feel really lame because I chose this recipe and I cannot find broccolini anywhere! I have scaled every grocery store in my small town (1 store carried it about a year ago) and have also gone to a larger city and checked multiple stores. This is really annoying. I am doubting that I am going to be able to locate any before Thursday. Ahh!!!

    9. Sadly, I haven’t found it either. I was hoping to come across it, but no luck!

    10. I found it at Publix on the top shelf of the veggie section–nowhere near the broccoli, which I thought was odd.

    11. I found something that looked just like it and they called it tender stem broccoli. I think you could make this with regular broccoli though…. no biggie! ;o)

    12. I found my broccolini at Whole Foods as none of the grocery stores nearby carried it. I really liked this. It was very easy to prepare. I thought the flavor was great – lemony, but not too much. It was a nice change from broccoli & cheese, or just plain broccoli.

    13. I found it with the herbs an Lowes in NC. I meant to make it with the chicken but then i forgot. I’ll make it some other time

    14. Like any good mafia don, broccolini has gone by several aliases in its lifetime: aspiration, asprobroc, asprospeer, and brocoletti.

      I’m not sure if stores still use any of these names, but this could be why it may have been hard to find.

      Broccolini is a cross between broccoli and gai lan (Chinese broccoli), which has given it a long shelf-life and year-round availability — so, in theory, it should be easy for grocery stores to carry…

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