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    Musings: Tomato and Goat Cheese Tarts

    Here’s another recipe from Ina’s new cookbook, “Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics.” Questions? Comments? Will you be making any substitutions? The posting date for this recipe is Thursday, March 26.


    24 Responses

    1. The goat cheese tart was absolutely delicious. Of course, I love goat cheese, I love puff pastry, and I love caramelized onions…so it was hard not to love this dish!

    2. I made this last night as an appetizer for our family dinner and it was a big hit. I substitued feta cheese for goat cheese since I’m the only one in the family that likes goat cheese and it was still delicious.
      Can’t wait to blog about it!

    3. I LOVE goat cheese but I’m glad you could find a sub that worked for your family. I used bell peppers since my husband can’t have tomatoes and they turned out great!

      I also found this Rachel Ray book offer when I was poking around on the internet last week. I’m not sure if it will work, but since I had already bought the puff pastry I figured I would give it a shot. I can always use a new cook book, right?

      On page 128 of the April issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray, it states that if you send in a UPC and receipt from any of these participating products, you’ll get a FREE copy of Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book:

      Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets
      Snyder’s of Hanover
      Funjet Vacations

      You’ll have to send the UPC and receipt to:
      Every Day with Rachael Ray
      16 East 34th Street
      New York NY 10016
      Attn: Spring Ahead

      Limit one per Customer. While supplies last. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

    4. I made the tarts this weekend for my family as well and it was a HIT! They were delicious and even though my husband doesn’t love goat cheese, he was won over by these tarts. I’m excited to blog about these.

      How I love Ina!

    5. I’m wondering if anyone subsituted dried tomatoes for fresh. The tomatoes at the market lately leave a lot to be desired.

    6. i’ll be using feta instead of goat cheese too and can’t wait since the hubs just realized how much he loves feta!

    7. I do like goat cheese, but not the garlic and herb type. I think I’ll use plain and add my own seasonings.

    8. I did one with sundried tomotoes and one with fresh, both were delish. If you use the sundried that are packed in oil, lessen the amount of oil you brush the top with. Although my fresh tomoto wasn’t great but still tasted good once baked.

    9. I used rehydrated dried tomatoes on my tarts and it gave it a very rich tomato flavor. I envisioned fresh tomatoes as being too wet and bland (bland because of the time of year).

    10. I apologize, but I’m going to be a little late getting mine posted. I have a house full of company who would freak if I made a tart with goat cheese and tomatoes for them. I’m excited to make the dish though. I bought plain goat cheese to use instead of flavored, and I will probably use fewer onions than the recipe calls for.

    11. These were great, I switched a couple of ingredients and instead of puff pastry made a pistachio crust. Loved them! Thanks for a fun pick, Anne 🙂

    12. I loved this. I want to modify for my next book club meeting by making smaller tarts with different toppings (mushrooms, roasted peppers, spinach etc)


    13. I loved this dish, but thought there were too many onions. I would definitely reduce the amount next time. I also think these would be great as an hors d’oeuvre in a mini 2 inch size. Delicious!!

    14. To the folks who want to make the tarts smaller….I did and they were wonderful that way. I made tiny ones cut with a little juice glass for my kids. They would make wonderful party food.

    15. okay, so not directly related to the tarts which I am going to finally make tonight. but, where is the logo/avatar that I can post on my site?


    16. Allison, check the FAQs page at the top of the blog.

    17. Fabulous pick. I can’t stop thinking about all the awesome combinations that are possible!

    18. I encountered this recipe on Shortbread South – they had made the recipe and included the most deletable photos. MMMM! It sounds absolutely divine! My mouth is watering, can’t wait to try 🙂 http://tinyurl.com/cb3d6y

    19. This was such a delicious recipe! Lots of fun to make, too. Thanks Anne!

    20. I’m glad you all liked it and can’t wait to see the next choices!

    21. I’m a renegade blogger since I haven’t blogged often enough to be included, but I made mine with Dorie Greenspan’s pie crust–they were an enormous hit–check out

      Thanks. I’m hoping to continue to renegade blog until I get back up to speed.

    22. Whew, just made it on the last day (what a hectic month) and made a “enough for one person” solo size of these tart, for dinner. They were VERY tasty! Thanks Anne.

    23. I didn’t think I would love this recipe – but I did! Yum! Great selection!

      Tara, did you get my e-mail with the April choice?

    24. I plan on making this recipe this Saturday. Wow!!

      Tara–will you add my blog to the list? I love Ina and 85% of the recipes on my blog are from Ina!!!

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