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    Musings: Chinese Chicken Salad

    So, we’re kicking off April with McKenzie’s pick: Chinese Chicken Salad. Have you made this one before? Trying any substitutions? Any questions? The date for posting this one is Thursday, April 9.


    17 Responses

    1. I made this one last night. My wife doesn’t like peppers so I put in some peapods as a substitute and it was delicious.

    2. I made this once before and if you notice, there is a difference in the amount of salt in the book recipe versus online. Book calls for 4 tsp/online 2 tsp. I would recommend not adding the salt and tasting the dressing for. Soy sauce is pretty salty on its own. With 4 tsp. my dressing the previous time was inedible. You will note many food network commenters also noted the salt issue even with 2 tsp. Just a heads up.

    3. Thanks for the salt tip!

      I will be swapping out the chicken to make this vegetarian. The flavors in the dressing sound delicious so I’m looking forward to being creative with this one.

    4. Ohhh, this would be amazing with tofu! Too bad I already bought the chicken.
      BTW, I read all the reviews on the food network site and EVERYONE said to omit the salt because it ruins the dish. So I guess taste first, then add the salt as needed.

    5. I added the salt per the online recipe and used low sodium soy sauce and it worked. I did however cut this this recipe in half… there is only 2 of us!

    6. This was AMAZING. I only used 3 chicken breasts, but made up for it with more veggies. To keep with the “theme”, I made Garlic Scallion noodles from Steamy Kitchen-the combination of flavors between these 2 dishes makes my mouth water all over again @ 10 am. lol

      I can’t wait to make this again…

    7. Being a vegetarian, I also used tofu. I baked my tofu with a sweet chili sauce marinade. The salad was delicious; we ate the whole thing in one sitting. I usually just add salt to taste unless it’s baking, so I didn’t have a saltiness problem.

    8. The recipe was delicious. I didn’t add any salt to the salad other than what I used to cook the asparagus, and my family thought it was perfectly seasoned. I served it on a bed of fresh spinach. The color combination of the white chicken, red pepper, and green asparagus make the dish visuallly appealing, too. Great choice!

    9. Does anyone have ideas for peanut butter substitutions? My husband has an allergy but I’d still like to give it a try. Any ideas??

    10. I thought the recipes was really heavy on the peanut butter and could have lived without it. Maybe try some hummus or tahini sauce just to hold the dressing together.

    11. I loved this dish!! I’m not a big fan of Chinese food in general, but this was more like satay. It was very easy to make and beautiful when plated up. I too only used 2 chicken breasts, but kept the rest of the recipe the same. I had extra sauce as a result, because I didn’t want to make the dish too wet. I served it with brown rice, and we used the extra sauce on that. Delicious choice!!

    12. This was a very good recipe, but I think I have to agree with Kanella in that the dressing was a bit too peanut buttery. A few adjustments for next time and it will be just right for me 🙂

    13. Just had a plate of this salad. SO GOOD. I really wasn’t expecting to like this one, but it’s on the rotation.

    14. Thought this salad was delicious! I added chopped cabbage to give it more of a “salad” feel and cut the salt in half. I also used only about 1/3 cup of peanut butter and rice wine vinegar in lieu of apple cider vinegar. This last substitution was not based on any culinary genius. Rather, when I went to use my apple cider vinegar I realized that it had a 2006 expiration date! And to think, I used it only last week in the vegetable cole slaw! Lovely…

    15. Kelly, I’ve read quite a few articles that vinegar, so long as it’s been well-capped with no debris falling in it, really doesn’t “spoil.” Even the cloudy-ness isn’t a problem. I’ve thrown away vinegars before, because they were cloudy, and then a chef told me “no need, it’s fine unless it’s a hundred years old and gritty or has a bad seal.”

    16. I totally didn’t realize that this was for the 9th… oops! I made it, loved it and blogged about it. Great pick!


    17. Amy,

      I am also allergic to peanut butter. I ended up using almond butter and thought the dish turned out well. You can also try cashew butter. Both were available in bulk at my Whole Foods, but you can certainly grind up the nuts yourself.

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