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    Musings: Croque Monsieur

    Ready for a little springtime in Paris, oui? We’ll be posting this recipe Thursday, April 23. Until then, please post any questions, issues, suggestions or thoughts on substitutions.


    19 Responses

    1. I’ve made this before and would recommend using a really good bread and cheese. I used the bread I had on hand last time but look forward to making it with something really nice.

    2. due to the lactose issue, i’m going to try out a recipe for “grilled cheese” in a new cookbook (thank you, easter bunny!) with the ham leftover from yesterday’s gorge-fest.

      i’m excited to see how everyone’s more authentic versions turn out — the recipe sounds absolutely decadent.

    3. I made this with normal grocery store bread, black forest ham from Aldi, and a mix of swiss and cheddar cheese. It was very yummy!

    4. I have been wanting to make this, so I am glad this recipe is up next!

    5. I really turned this one on its head and made it with turkey pastrami, apple cinnamon bread and Gruyere and Ementhaller cheeses. I hope I don’t get tossed out of BB, but if I do, this sandwich was worth it!

    6. Going to try this one this weekend. Any bread suggestions? Do the sandwiches need something thick?

    7. I think using a french baguette would be delicious. If anyone is interested, there is an article in Traditional Home magazine this month entitled French Lessons featuring Ariane Daguin. Included in the article is an awesome-looking recipe for Croque Monsieur. Daguin uses a french baguette. Perhaps you could also use a ciabatta bread (the Italian slipper bread)?

    8. Made this for dinner tonight. Black Forest ham, gruyere, honey dijon mustard, sandwich-sliced french bread… OMG fantastic. So much better than I ever expected it to be… mostly because I am not a huge cheese fan and definitely don’t do cheese “sauce” or white sauce. I cut the recipe in half since there was only two of us and we have leftovers for another meal.

      I never in a million years would have made this were it not for this group!

      Wow – sooooooo delish!

    9. I need help getting motivated to make this dish. I have made Ina’s version before and it’s excellent, am just feeling lazy.

    10. We made this last night and invited two friends (only used 1/2 recipe) over for dinner. It was perfect for 4 people (we had a side dish and dessert as well though). The sauce took longer than I had anticipated to thicken, but it turned out great after I added more flour. One of our guests last night was a French woman who have made this hundred times! And she said that it was “excellent”. Used the thick-sliced honey ham, and the white pepperidge farm as Ina recommended. YUM!

    11. I added tomato to one, pineapple to another, and made one with just cheese. Oh my goodness, what a rich sandwich, they were delicious though 🙂

    12. I am late on this one….school vacation this week – sorry! Am planning on making tomorrow. Glad I read everyone’s comments first 🙂

    13. Tomatoes are a great addition to these! My honey loved them! Oh and BTW to anyone who is interested, I’m hosting the next Platinum Chef Challenge and it’s posted on my blog. I would love it if any of you could participate! It’s a really fun challenge!

    14. Sorry! I’ll be posting my blog entry this morning. I thought I had the entry programmed to post automatically, but I must have done something wrong.

    15. Whew…a few days behind, but I finally completed the challenge and it was so worth it! Great choice Kathy! Looking forward to the recipe selections for May 🙂

    16. I finally was able to make this tonight ( I was planning to make it last Wed and got sick!) and it was delicious!

    17. Amazing and so easy! Great pick.

    18. We made these again last night, using the leftover ingredients! But Ina was right, since it is a small portion, my hubby wants (2) pieces!

    19. A lil late but mine is finally up! SO amazingly good and cheesey!

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