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    Musings: Tuna Salad

    Are you ready to try Ina’s Tuna Salad, made with fresh tuna steaks? The next posting day is Thursday, May 14. Questions, comments or substitutions?


    17 Responses

    1. I made it tonight. Maybe I had too much lime juice but it started to react with the tuna. I only made a half recipe but I suspect the rest will be not very good because the acid will work its way through the rest by tomorrow.

    2. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this recipe. I’m in Indiana. Fresh, quality tuna is hard to come by.

    3. My hubby is not a fan of rare or undercooked fish and neither am I. I will have to sub in regular canned tuna for this.

    4. Fresh tuna is retailing for $24.99 per lb. in the Detroit area. Think I may make a fourth of this recipe and serve as an appetizer.

      I am not a fan of hot sauce. Any suggestions on a subsituttion? Maybe a vinegar of sorts?

    5. Kanella-

      I think you could leave the hot sauce out, no problem. You could add a few drops of vinegar if you wanted to.

      I am a vegetarian so will have to be very creative with this recipe!

    6. Yikes, I’m sorry guys. Tuna, here in California, is really economical at Trader Joe’s, and easy to come by, so didn’t think it would be difficult in other places. My package of tuna fillet was a whopping $4.00, so it didn’t occur to me this was a costly ingredient elsewhere. Try using chicken, salmon, beef, or even tofu or canned tuna — any protein will work with this recipe.

    7. I’m planning to try this with Salmon. Anyone have trouble finding the wasabi powder? I’m headed to Whole Foods tomorrow so I’m hoping to find it there.

    8. I’ve been wondering what to do with this one. A quick check at 3 supermarkets didn’t show any fresh tuna 😦 will check a few more and then give in and use salmon or high-quality canned.

    9. I was considering using salmon as a replacement. I’m going to the store today, so I’ll see what looks good. I really want to make it!

    10. I used wasabi paste from the tube, worked just fine in place of powder.

    11. Not a fish family so we are skipping out on this one. I think tuna is pretty pricey here as well so that is another factor. Next time….

    12. For those looking, I found the wasabi powder at Whole Foods. It was 4.99.

    13. Thinking of making it into a pasta salad. What do you think?

    14. just a reminder about the Barefoot Backtracker option this month!

      you can swap out a past recipe for this one if you can’t find a suitable alternative for fresh tuna or you just plain don’t like seafood.

    15. Can you leave out the wasabi powder completely or would that change something too drastically? Please let me know as I am having trouble finding that.

    16. Thanks so much for mentioning the barefoot backtracker… I hadn’t seen it posted but I went back to look and did it for his week 🙂

      thanks again!

    17. So sorry, but I will be a week late in posting my dish. Since fresh tuna isn’t readily available in my area, I’ll be doing a backtracking dish. It has been so neat to hear from people who tried the tuna salad and liked it, even when they weren’t expecting to like it!

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