Musings: Outrageous Brownies

The second group recipe for May is Ina’s Outrageous Brownies, which we’ll be posting Thursday, May 28. Have you tried these before? Will you be making substitutions for Ina’s add-ins? Have at it!


13 Responses

  1. Dear heaves these were sooooooooooo fabulous!

  2. No substitues or add ins for me this week. I did everything by the book except for the pan size. I measured a bunch of my pans and I just did not have the right one. I ended up using a 13×15 pan, it took a little while longer to bake and the brownies where a little thick but good.

  3. I halved the recipe and baked in a 9 by 13. I underbaked them since I was so worried about overdoing them. They weren’t even cutable in the middle (but tasted awesome).

  4. I did these a long time ago and wasn’t real impressed. So this time, I’ll be halving or even maybe quartering the recipe to get a smaller pan, reducing the coffee powder (they tasted like coffee last time), underbaking a little and probably mixing up the add-ins. I’ll be doing these this week and we’ll see if they come out better than last time!

  5. I made the entire thing since I had two dinner parties to go to, and it made plenty! No substitutions for me either. WOW!!! They were TO DIE FOR! It stayed moist for a week.

  6. I’m probably going to leave out the espresso powder and cut the recipe in half, but those are the only changes I’m making to this one.

    Also, I remembered it having chopped Oreos in the batter. Maybe they’re in the Barefoot Contessa packaged mix? Could just be temporary insanity.

  7. I subbed in semi sweet chocolate for the unsweetened.

    I have the brownies baking away right now….

    Oh goodness, CHOPPED OREOS? *swoon*

  8. Ina did an Outrageous Brownie recipe for *I think* Better Homes and Gardens that had oreos in them – I tried it a few weeks ago and wasn’t totally blown over by the addition of the oreos. The brownies are perfect enough on their own! I split the recipe into halves – one halve had oreos and the other half had peanut butter chips and chopped up Milky Way bars – a little messy but awesome nonetheless!

  9. I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts. These were amazing.

  10. I just took mine out of the oven, they look perfect! Can’t wait to try them. I did halve the recipe and bake in a 9 by 13 pan.

  11. These are SO chocolatetly! Is that a word? Haha, my H loved them!

  12. Agree completely. These were to die for!

  13. I have made these several times before, and LOVE them! I leave out the nuts, because I don’t like nuts in my brownies. I have tried several different mix-ins, but for this blog entry, I tried mini-marshmallows as my add-in. Yum! They added a pretty white swirl to the brownies, and the sugary sweetness, broke up the intense chocolate flavor of these brownies. Some other mix-ins I have liked include crushed up toffee bits, chocolate chunks, toasted pecans, mini peanut butter cups and butterscotch chips. Since it makes such a large tray of brownies, I always end up freezing half the batch for another time. I think this is a great recipe.

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