Musings: Curried Couscous

It’s time to talk Curried Couscous, our recipe for Thursday, June 11.  How do you feel about curry? Are you serving this as a main dish or side? Post your questions, suggestions and substitutions here!


18 Responses

  1. Made it tonight and it turned out well–made a few changes like whole wheat couscous and leaving out the butter, switching out raisens for dried cranberries, etc. I used it as a side dish with some spice-rubbed lambchops. It would be great as a main with some feta added and/or shrimp on top.

  2. I made it as a side as well, and it was great. I used chicken stock instead of water for some extra flavour and also ditched the butter. I served it with a lamb tagine, but agree with Deb that it could easily be the star of a meal, if you included a little protein.

  3. Am planning to make this evening as a side dish with zatar seasoning as opposed to curry.

  4. I’m usually not very big on curry and I can’t begin to imagine what curry + raisins will taste like, but I’ll find out soon enough.

    I am making this tonight but will bring it for lunch tomorrow to share with a friend because I know my husband and daughter won’t even try it.

    I think I will make everything as is except for blanching the almonds. I’ll probably just toast them.

  5. I am going to make this is a main dish. I think the only change that I’ll make is to leave out the fruit. I really don’t likt dried fruit in couscous. It’s a nice, easy recipe!

  6. i’m making this tonight and will serve it as a side as well. i’m going to grill some chicken seasoned with Turkish seasoning (from Penzey’s). i can’t wait to try this recipe!!

  7. I knew that cous cous would be pretty bland by itself and needed a lot of seasoning, so I didn’t scale back on the salt. I should have! I violated my own rule: Add half the amount, and you can always add more. Other than too much salt, this was my favorite selection so far, definately. Fantastic. I used dried cranberries AND cherries.

  8. I made this recipe over the weekend. I was really looking forward to trying the finished product.. However, after a few bites I decided that curry just isn’t for me. I think I will try the recipe again, but substitute something else for the curry and tumeric in the dressing. Does anyone have a suggestion?

    • Every company has a different recipe for their curry powder, so you might try a different brand. My family dosen’t like the turmeric, so I generally leave it out of recipies, but using saffron will give the recipie the yellow color.

  9. We loved this, I made a few substitutions (pistachios for almonds, sour cream for yogurt) and served it with tofu veggie kabobs, it was a delicious dinner 🙂

  10. It was very easy to make but for us the flavor just wasn’t there.

  11. I was really shocked that I liked this. I didn’t use turmeric because I didn’t have any and it was pretty good.

    I took it to my office and it was gone in no time.

  12. I’m going to make this tonight, as a side for some dukkah-crusted pork chops and sweet potatoes simmered in tamarind and coconut. Two tried-and-true recipes plus one new one – seems like a safe bet. (I’ve made things like this quite often, but never with a dressing like this one – should be interesting!)

    • also, I may substitute bulghur wheat for the standard couscous… its essentially the same thing but whole wheat, so it out to work fine.

      • bulgar wheat is a great idea in place of the couscous! and i always have that on hand!

  13. I made this last night and thought it was a nice and easy side dish.

  14. I really liked this dish. I didn’t think the curry flavor was too overwhelming. I would also caution to half the amount of salt suggested in the recipe. I used half the amount and it tasted fine. I think all the salt would have made it way too salty.

  15. I love this – both as a side, a main dish and just an afternoon snack.

    I often make it with dried currants and sometime substitute cilantro for the parsley.

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