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    Musings: Gazpacho

    Here’s another recipe from “The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook.” So, how do you feel about Gazpacho? Is this a new soup for you? Making any changes to Ina’s recipe? The posting date is Thursday, June 25.

    12 Responses

    1. I made this last weekend and the only change I made was cutting the recipe in half. I think I am 0 for 2 this month. I didn’t care for this recipe either. Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer. The hothouse cucumber was all I could taste. What did everyone else think?

    2. Debbie Downer, ha! I haven’t made this yet…I like cucumber so maybe that’s a good thing? 🙂

    3. I made it a couple weeks ago and liked it pretty well, even though I’m not a fan of raw onions. It was my first gazpacho ever, and I’m interested enough to keep exploring gazpacho recipes to find one that suits my family’s tastes. I was glad to have tried it.

    4. I guess we all pick up different things. Mine seemed to be really garlicky. I have been looking for things to eat it with that would tone down the garlic.

    5. I have never made gazpacho and I’m excited to try this. I’m thinking of it as a “salsa soup”. I really don’t like cucumbers (and I may be allergic if the way my hands react when I peel them is any indication) but I’ll try this and if I don’t like I’ll take it to work. Those people will eat anything. Like Tammy says, at least I’ll have a foundation to explore other gazpacho recipes.

    6. I am a newbie, just jumpin’ in here. I have made gazpacho 6 times and haven’t ever liked it. I WANT to like it, but I don’t. For me it’s a texture issue…am looking forward to trying Ina’s. I’ll keep you posted.

    7. Hmmm – you all aren’t making it sound promising. I only wish it could have been a couple of months later when you could get some decent tomatoes.

    8. I am with meadot01, this would be perfect for tomato season.

    9. This was my first taste of gazpacho so I really have nothing to compare it to, but I liked it! I halved the recipe, since I knew my mother-in-law and I would be the only ones eating it. I think I might have overprocessed the veggies because the texture was similar to homemade salsa/pico de gallo, but I still thought it was tasty!

    10. I am loving this! (am eating a bowl as I type!) I’ve never made gazpacho, have tried it and liked it but never considered myself a cold soup person. I am so pleased that this turned out well. Here are a few additions/subs I made…
      jarred roasted red peppers for red peppers
      added juice from half a lime
      added a zucchini
      added a jalapeno

      Good stuff…can’t wait till it chills a little longer…will serve it with chopped avocado and shrimp!

    11. I have eaten and made a good amount of gazpacho but this is the first time I tried Ina’s recipe. It’s simple and quite good–especially the day after, once the flavors meld. I left it mostly as is, except cut a bit of the oil and some salt out. I garnished mine with shrimp and herbs. Yummy and refreshing too!

    12. I LOVE this soup. I also tone down the onion by only using one, otherwise its way too strong. I used fresh tomatoes from the farmer’s market instead of supermarket plum tomatoes. And, I could only find the waxed cucumbers, not hothouse. Had some for lunch today. And will make some garlic bread when we have it for dinner tonight. LOVE the Barefoot Contessa!

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