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    Musings: White Pizza with Arugula

    Have you tried a pizza with greens and a vinaigrette before? What’d you think?


    15 Responses

    1. i LOVE this recipe of ina’s and make it at least once per week … some variations with the toppings but it is amazing!

    2. Loved it. Very easy to make (although I used puff pastry instead of pizza dough). I thought this pizza was a natural for thin sliced potato, so I wilted the shaved potato slices in the garlic thyme oil and then baked them on the pizza. Very good!

    3. I made the White Pizza with Arugula and I also made the Mango Banana Daiquiris for my five girl friends for
      “Girls Nite Out.
      They all loved it and want me to make it again when we get together again.
      The pizza dough was really easy to make. It came out perfect.

    4. I cant wait to try this recipe!!

    5. I made the pizzas tonight and LOVED them. What an excellent recipe that is so classic Ina. (Garlic, comfort food,a fresh “herb”)..I thought it was outstanding!

    6. Has anyone halved this recipe?? I live with my boyfriend and I don’t want to make 6 pizzas, don’t have room in my oven to make 6 pizzas, and don’t want to spend money on 6 pizzas! I looked at the recipe though and it is a little daunting to half, esp with the dough.

      • Could you freeze the dough or just refrigerate for another time with different toppings? You are going through the effort of dough save some for later!! You wont be sorry

      • I made a half of this recipe, but cheated and used Flatout bread as the crust instead of making her crust. So maybe you can freeze the other half of the dough that you don’t use, or invite your friends over! 😉

      • I made half the recipe and the next night had some leftover cheese and made 1/6 of the recipe! Let me know if you need help!

    7. This is a great pizza even after learning that goat cheese hurts my tummy. But I still love it regardless!

    8. Thanks to everyone who cooked along with me on this one, we ended up loving the pizza and I hope you all did too 🙂

    9. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this one given that I am normally not a white pizza person.
      Looking forward to hearing more about the September BRC!

    10. My favorite recipe so far! The contrasting flavors of each bite are ridiculously good. Will make this again and again for years to come… Thank you Andrea!

    11. It was a fantastic recipe, really enjoyed it, and to use Kelly’s words, “it was ridiculously good” it was ridiculous that something that looked so white and plain could be SO good. Thanks again Andrea.

    12. I loved it too! I have never before made my own pizza from start to finish … and this was an excellent one to begin with. I particularly liked the way various flavors would burst through with each bite … no sameness here!! I am one of the many that will be making this recipe again … especially if I can grow more of these herbs in my garden.

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