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    Musings: Beatty’s Chocolate Cake

    Our second recipe for September is Beatty’s Chocolate Cake. How did it stack up against other chocolate cakes you’ve made? Did you keep it or give it away?

    How was your experience with this cake?

    The posting date for this recipe is Thursday, September 24.

    15 Responses

    1. My cake was very moist and light, even though from the looks of it, I thought I had over-cooked it. The one thing I will change when I make it again would be to use a little less sugar and a bit more salt. I think Ina likes her cakes much sweeter than I do!

    2. I’ve made this cake many times in the past and it is fabulous! Best chocolate cake ever. I use a chocolate sour cream frosting with it and it gets raves every time.

    3. This cake was one of my first posts when I started my blog. Everyone loved it! Can’t wait to make it again :0

    4. ooh I’m excited to make this! we are having company tomorrow so I know I won’t be left with a ton of cake to binge on during the week! yahoo! lol! :o)

    5. Should have read food network comments first. You apparently need deep pans for this – mine is making a mess of my oven right now.

    6. I am making this right now… 😉

    7. I’ve been waiting to make this cake for a long time – thank you, Mary, for choosing it! I think it turned out very well, although I will leave the coffee out of the icing in the future. I baked in a 9″ springform to avoid the overflow problem mentioned by others.

    8. This was a simple to make and fantastic cake. I am a couple of days late posting, sorry. But thanks to Mary for choosing this.

    9. I decorated it and served it for my husband’s birthday party last night — put strawberry-covered chocolate as topping. I had to fight to get a slice, everyone loved it. I made a different frosting because the original recipe called for an egg, and I had an expectant mother as a guest. It worked out and I will make this again in the future!

    10. I’ve made this cake somewhere near 25 times. Hugely successful each baking! I’ve even been asked to bake this for a few special occasion cakes for friends. I actually do not use Ina’s frosting though. I use Perfectly Chocolate Frosting recipe by Hershey’s. It’s a choco buttercream. I use Hersheys Special Dark cocoa powder and it makes the cake and frosting so darkly delicious, my sons have dubbed it “Mom’s Black Chocolate Cake!” I use a whipped cream chocolate mousse filling between the layers and this cake is pure heaven. It’s always on the menu for Thanksgiving.

    11. I was given an Ina Garten cookbook for Christmas and my daughter decided this weekend that she wanted to make Beattys Choc Cake. We made it with much success and I expect that we will make this many more times in the future. Yummy!

    12. I’ve jut put this cake in the oven about 10 minutes ago and as far as i can tell i cant see any signs of overflowing through my glass oven door! Chocolate cakes ive made in the past have always been a little dry or boring but this one im sure will really hit the spot, as have all ina’s other recipes!!!

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