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    Musings: Birthday Sheet Cake!

    Wow, time is flying! Almost missed this one.

    Our first recipe for September is Ina’s Birthday Sheet Cake. Did you make this one for Labor Day weekend? What did you think of it? Please post your issues with the recipe, substitutions and suggestions.

    We’ll start posting our cakes on Thursday, September 10.

    14 Responses

    1. the first time i made this, the outside burned and the inside didn’t cook through. my second attempt worked out a little better, but the top and edges are still more brown than i’d like.

      i halved the recipe; would that make a difference?

    2. I blogged about my challenges in converting this from a sheetcake to a TOWER cake. I should have read the reviews first, that says to decrease the baking soda from 1 tsp to 3/4 tsp. It was a very dense cake with a high risk of drying out. Fortunately, I set the timer about 4 minutes less than what was recommended. This wasn’t my favorite recipe, but most people liked it.

    3. I left out the lemon zest. That helped with the flavor. I also reduced the baking soda, but my cake was still dense. I made the chocolate one and that turned out much better.

      • I made this cake for my childs birthday and I loved it. My family thought the lemon flavor was too strong. It was a very dense moist cake. Also, there was too much icing leftover, which was a waste. All in all, I loved the cake. It feeds a lot of people as well!!

    4. I too had the same problem with my cake over browning around the edges before it was cooked in the center. This is the third time in three different states that I have tried this recipe and it came out the same all three times! hehehehe…..I guess a lot can be said for consistency….. The frosting recipe is fantastic, but I don’t think I will use the cake portion of the recipe again, I have others that I favor better.

      SUZY…….. Hope you have a Happy Birthday and thanks for the recipe choice! It was a good one.

    5. I have to admit, I had some reservations about this one after reading the reviews on the fn site. I noted that the baking soda needed to be reduced when I was reading the reviews, but forgot to do it when baking – so much for my noting skills! I left out the lemon zest; thought about subbing orange but just wasn’t in the mood for a citrus and chocolate combo. I halved the recipe and made cupcakes, and was pleased with the results.

    6. I halved the recipe and omitted the lemon zest per the Food Network site reviews. I also adjusted the baking powder. Had no real problems with the cake baking but no one in my house really loved it. I thought the frosting was too runny and not sweet enough as well. My first Ina disappointment.

    7. I was also concerned after reading the reviews, but like a few others I left out the lemon zest and only added 3/4 t. of baking soda. I made it as a sheet cake to share with co-workers to celebrate a friend birthday at work. I thought it was good, but not great. I would definitely make the icing again. I thought the icing was great and I got lots of compliments on the icing specifically, but I think I’ll pass on the cake.

    8. Ehmm… I am very worried about making this, I think I will half the recipe and make cupcakes instead

    9. I must have missed something, because i made the recipe as written and it was fabulous. I made jumbo cupcakes topped and filled with marshmallow fluff frosting. I will be making it again.


      I am looking forward to the next cake.

    10. […] Sheet Cake I must admit, when I first saw the birthday sheet cake selection for the first Barefoot Blogger’s recipe in September, I was a little bit apprehensive due to the reviews on Food Network. Susy of Everyday […]

    11. I made cupcakes instead of the sheet cake and mine did not rise well in the middle, and browned unevenly. I do live at altitude, so I am used to things I bake turning out this way, but I am still disappointed. I omitted the lemon zest and halved the recipe. Will be making Beatty’s chocolate cake tomorrow…hoping that goes better for me!!

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