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    Musings: Cheddar Corn Chowder

    Fall is here, and that means soup. What did you think of Ina’s chowder? Did you make any changes or substitutions? Any issues? We’re posting this one Thursday, Oct. 8.


    20 Responses

    1. I made this soup, but I had to add my own touches. I felt the soup was too thin for a chowder, and that it was lacking a flavor kick. I will unveil my secret ingredient, on Thursday, that improved the soup, and my secret for making it thicker. Once I kicked up the flavor, it was an excellent soup. I would definitely make this again.

    2. I’m excited to make my first recipe. This looks like a good one.

    3. I halved the recipe but still had enough to feed a small army… And that after I put only 2/3 of the liquid prescribed (which is probably why it was so thick 🙂 ). It was really good actually!

    4. I made this as-is except that I left out the EVOO. It didn’t really seem necessary with all the other fat in the recipe. I thought it was excellent. It was thinner than some chowders like Debby says but I kind of like a thinner soup.

    5. This is my first BB recipe, so I was pretty excited. I made two changes to the recipe: leaving out the turmeric (mainly because I forgot to pick some up while I was out shopping), and using fat free half and half instead of regular. It was thinner than other chowders, but delicious nonetheless.

    6. Looking forward to Debby’s secret ingredient as I agree that the soup had been thinner than I had been expecting for a chowder.

    7. I also left out the olive oil. The bacon fat and butter were enough. The turmeric gave it a golden hue. Mine was pretty thick. We loved this chowder.

    8. Oh, by the way. I halved the recipe and it made plenty.

    9. I didn’t get to this recipe 😦 I hurt my neck and only just remember to check for this month’s recipe. It looks delicious though!

    10. I halved the recipe as well but per the suggestions on the foodnetwork reviews I did not adjust the flour, potatoes or cheese amounts. Also before I added the corn I used my emulsion blender for a great and hearty meal.

    11. hmmm can i freeze this soup?

    12. I also only halved the recipe and we had leftover! I love this chowder, it’s not as thick as a traditional chowder which is fine by me since I don’t normally love this chowder. I also used a little bit more corn that what was called for (the half recipe used like 80% of a bagged corn, so I just figured I’d use them all up).

    13. Now that the recipes have been posted (so many great blogs to visit!) I can tell you that my secret ingredient is Old Bay Seasoning. Love it! I gave much needed flavor to the soup. I also used potato starch to thicken the soup. It was perfect and I would definitely make this again– maybe even add some shrimp to this, or maybe crab.

    14. What a great recipe! I have to admit I probably would have skipped this one when perusing the cookbook, so I’m glad we were MADE to make it. Love it, and adding it to my arsenal of “Party food”.
      The original quantity seems too huge though – did Ina make this for her whole neighborhood?

    15. This was a great Corn Chowder recipe. We split the recipe in half and it made perfect servings for the four of us. I added grated carrots and I used small red potatoes instead of the regular ones that the recipe called for.

    16. I made the cheddar corn chowder with one substitution – roasted corn off the cob – for a semi-formal party and it was an uber hit. Just make sure if you serve it in a large stoneware tureen to pre-heat the tureen b filling it with boiling water!

    17. After reading some of the earlier comments, I halved the recipe also. I also found it a little thin so added a bit more flour to thicken it up. Also used water instead of chicken stock (didn’t have any in the house) and it was fine, but I think the richness of the chicken stock would have added some depth of flavour. All in all, another winner.

    18. I really liked this recipe! Next time I’d consider reducing the dairy by maybe pureeing part of the soup to make it creamy.

    19. I made the full recipe so I could take it to the tailgate. It was a cool grey day and everyone loved the soup, even though I realized I had forgot to add the cheese!! I remembered halfway thru the pot and added it then. I’ve got to admit the cheese made it a whole lot yummier! The only alterations I made was that I left out the butter and olive oil. The rendered bacon fat was plenty!! Also, I pureed about 2 cups of the soup before adding the corn, just to make it a little creamier and thicker. a sure winner of a recipe

    20. Corn chowder is a family favorite! I can’t wait to try this one…I like to make mine a little chunkier than the recipe called for, just a bit thicker.

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