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    Musings: Blue Cheese Soufflé

    Another recipe from “Barefoot in Paris”! Are you ready to tackle a soufflé? And how do you feel about blue cheese? We’ll be posting this one Thursday, Oct. 22.

    15 Responses

    1. Hmmmm. I have to play with decreasing the amount for two reasons– I don’t own a souffle dish and I don’t plan on buying one. I have a smaller dish, that will work. I like Blue Cheese, but I can’t seem to bond with this recipe. I’ll have to think of a different cheese. I’m ready to try making my first souffle. I’m not too scared! Well, maybe a little…

    2. I had to buy a larger dish to make this, but I think it’s about time that I conquer my fear of making my very own souffle. I do love blue cheese, as a matter of fact, I haven’t met cheeses that I don’t love 😉

    3. Ugh, blue cheese. I may try another cheese in it’s place. I’m thinking gruyere, but does anyone have a suggestion?

    4. I’m with you Candace – not liking the blue cheese. I think gruyere would be good.

    5. I think gruyere would be great too or even goat cheese.

    6. If wasn’t so burned out on chocolate cake…I’d be tempted to skip the cheese and use chocolate!
      Seriously, I think Gruyere is where I’m headed with this.
      I’m going to use small ramekins to make smaller portions.

    7. Not a fan of blue cheese, I might use a sharp cheddar, or as others have suggested, gruyere.

    8. Do you need to make it in a souffle dish? Just curious. I’m looking forward to it.

      • I’m not a fan of “regular” blue cheese but I love me some Gorgonzola so I think I’m going with that for this souffle. This is also my first souffle so I’m really excited!

        Leigh, I think you should be able to use any kind of straight-sided, deep, ceramic (or maybe glass?) dish. If you’ve got small ramekins, those would work…or maybe you could test it out in a muffin tin?

    9. I’m okay with the blue cheese, but I’m going to have to cut the recipe to make this into two smaller souffles, since all I have are two small ramekins. Any suggestions on changing the cooking time? I’m afraid I’ll be tempted to peek and ruin the whole thing!

    10. I made this with gruyere and 1% milk (all I had) and it was fabulous. Amazing. Fantastic.

    11. I reduced the recipe and made it in a 4 cup souffle dish… turned out well.

    12. I liked the blue cheese flavor (I’ve always been a blue cheese fan) but I just don’t think I’m a savory souffle kind of girl. It was good to me but not a wow, gotta make it again sort of thing.

      I’m still rather giddy over having successfully made a souffle though…first time.

    13. OK totally fell off the wagon today. I will jump back in with the next post. Looking forward to a week with Ina.

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