Musings: Roasted Potato Leek Soup (A Week with the Barefoot Contessa BRC)

How did this stack up against your favorite potato soup? Did you like the flavor of the roasted vegetables? Have any trouble finding leeks or creme fraiche? Wondering if Ina owns stock in an arugula farm?


6 Responses

  1. The Barefoot Contessa episode featuring Ina making the roasted potato and leek soup will air this Saturday, Oct. 31, at 1:30 EST.

  2. Made the soup this afternoon. Substituted cider for the white wine and sour cream for the creme fraiche. Delicious.

  3. last year the only place we could find creme fraiche was Whole Foods
    now all the supermarkets carry it – love that!!

  4. Very thick and creamy and good!

  5. Made this soup, but didn’t get to take a picture … grrrhh…:(

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