Musings: Indonesian Ginger Chicken

Honey, soy, garlic, ginger ā€“ we haven’t tried a Barefoot Contessa recipe like this before. So, what did you think of her Indonesian Ginger Chicken? We’ll start posting it on Thursday, Jan. 14.


9 Responses

  1. I made this before–and it was too sweet for me. So I may try this again and try to add some heat to cut down the sweetness.

  2. I used tofu and baked it- cut down on the honey and it worked well.

  3. We loved this chicken dish ~ will be posting on the 14th.

  4. sooo yummy! I am not typically wowed by chicken recipes, but this was fantastic. I think some red pepper flakes and maybe a hint of citrus would be a nice addition for next time.

  5. I didn’t find it too sweet at all, although I did halve the recipe for the sauce since i did a terrible job shopping for the ingredients! Half the sauce was more than enough.

  6. I halved a lot of the quantities and used chicken legs only, next time I’m going to attempt with the whole chicken. I was surprised that it needed a little salt for me, despute all that soy sauce? Thanks for the great pick Tod!

  7. This wasn’t my favorite. I too thought it “needed something”.

  8. I always forget to post my musings here… We really enjoyed this recipe even though I think it would be better grilled. We served saffron rice and sauteed spinach with it.

  9. LOL! So… halfway through making this recipe… my oven shorted out and made a bit giant electric sizzle and all the lights flickered…. yes… my oven broke! Had to finish it on the stovetop and just simmered it in a covered pan. Came out really good.. going to retry it now that the new oven is here!! :o)

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