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    Musings: Baked Shrimp Scampi

    Another shrimp recipe! Will you be making any changes or substitutions? Have you tried this recipe before?

    We’ll start posting Ina’s Baked Shrimp Scampi on Thursday, Feb. 25. If you click the “Baked Shrimp Scampi” link, you’ll find a video of Ina making the recipe.

    So, will the scampi go into your regular rotation, or was it strictly a one-time engagement?


    14 Responses

    1. I am going to try this one for Valentines day. I think I will try half chicken and half shrimp since my wife doesn’t like shrimp.

    2. I made this about two weeks ago and I did something wrong. I saw Ina make it the other day and now I’m glad to have a reason to make it again. Can’t wait.

    3. I made this for Valentine’s Day and served it over homemade pasta. It was so yummy!

    4. I loved this one! Really, really good. I’ll be making it again soon.

    5. Has anyone tried making a half-batch? I might give this one a shot this weekend.

    6. I haven’t been able to make the BB deadline for a while. I’m back on board, starting with this recipe. I made this last night, and it was super easy to make. We loved it! It was a total success. I’m looking forward to posting my version, and seeing what everyone else made.

    7. I did a half batch (actually a quarter batch of shrimp and quarter of chicken) and it worked well. I made mine in individual gratin dishes.

    8. I didn’t know about this in advance but incidentally I made this for Valentine’s Day and posted about it last week. It was wonderful!! The flavor was excellent. I served it over linguine with roasted asparagus. I wouldn’t make it very often because of the amount of butter but it’s perfect for a special occasion.

    9. To make this vegetarian I used fettuccine in place of the shrimp…unconventional, but I didn’t want to skip another pick, wow was that delicious! Served it with Ina’s French Green Beans that was a pick for Barefoot Bloggers week that I missed, another winner.

    10. Made it and loved it! I’ve been looking for the perfect scampi recipe for awhile and am happy to end my search.


    11. I could not make this one since I am deathly allergic to shellfish. I’m so sorry!! I know it was good though.

    12. Apparently I could have used chicken.. Guess I had a blond moment. Just saw shrimp and passed on it.

    13. It was so good! Not a huge fan of the topping but it flavored the shrimp and it was delish!

    14. Definitely a keeper. My daughter and hubby really enjoyed it. I cut the butter from the original recipe and used 6 Tbsp. Next time, I will omit rosemary. It tasted woody and it did not contribute to the dish. Otherwise, very good dish and easy peasy!

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