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    Musings: Coconut Cupcakes

    These cupcakes have a five-star rating on the Food Network’s site, but what did you think of them? Are any coconut-haters out there playing around with the flavor? Will these be part of your Valentine’s Day festivities?

    We’ll be posting Ina’s Coconut Cupcakes on Thursday, Feb. 11. Let the discussion begin!


    12 Responses

    1. Nobody in my family is a fan of coconut, so I think I’ll have to tweak the starring ingrediant. I’m excited to make these for a Valentine’s treat though!

      I just noticed that I had been accepted to the group, so I’m looking forward to posting my first BB recipe on my blog this week!

    2. Great choice Jamie – I’ve had these from the boxed mix, and am thrilled to be making them from scratch.

    3. I made this in a cooking class and we substituted come of the coconut with dessicated coconut so they aren’t as sweet, which we liked. I topped it with toasted, sweetened coconut.

    4. Because I’m new to the group & couldn’t wait to get started, I’ve already made these. They definitely deserved the five star rating. Was it my imagination or were they even better after a day or two?

      A couple of observations:
      The recipe says “Fill each liner to the top with batter”. I should have known better. I ended up with large muffin tops on my cupcakes which weren’t strong enough to support the heavy frosting.

      The recipe makes alot. I halved the recipe and still ended up with 12 overflowing cupcakes.

      When I ate one that was a day old, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I think you’re gonna love these!

    5. Loved them. I used white whole wheat flour and they turned out very well.


      Looking forward to the baked scampi. Yumm!

    6. I haven’t had anyone taste them yet but here’s my first barefoot blogging post: http://asocialworkercooks.blogspot.com/2010/02/barefoot-bloggers-coconut-cupcakes.html

      I’m serving them tonight so I’ll update with feedback 🙂

    7. I baked these for my daughter’s 3rd birthday celebration. I turned some of the frosting and coconut pale pink. They turned out adorable and delicious.

    8. I’m running a little late…I should have these posted by monday. I love coconut so I think this is right up my alley 🙂

    9. we LOVED this recipe!!! if you can give the cupcakes a day or two before eating them, the flavor really will enhance and the coconut starts to come through beautifully.

    10. Late but definitely worth it. I loved these cupcakes but then I am a big fan of coconut. The only major change I made was taking the butter out of the frosting and just mixing the cream cheese, powdered sugar and a generous splash of lime juice which was great with the cupcakes.

    11. These were so good! They’d make a perfect Easter dessert, too. You could just pile on a few jellybeans or pastel M&Ms for decoration and be done.

    12. The hubbie loved these – I don’t like coconut so I had to take his work for it! 🙂

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