Musings: Individual Meat Loaves

Have you tried Ina’s mini meat loaves? We’ll start posting them on Thursday, March 11.

Will you be trading the ground chuck for ground turkey? Are you interested in a vegetarian substitution?

Let’s discuss!


9 Responses

  1. I’m making them this weekend (my first Barefoot recipe!) and definitely plan on using Turkey (trying to lighten things up for Springtime.) I’m REALLY looking forward to the caesar club sandwich!

  2. The meatloaves are great, and very easy and quick to make. The brussel sprouts with bacon recipe that was paired with the meatloaves on the Barefoot Contessa episode is also very good.

  3. I’ll probably be trying a vegetarian substitute, never had or made veggie meatbloaf before so this should be interesting…

  4. I can’t wait to hear about the vegetarian version, but I will be making it with ground beef. This sounds really good!

  5. I made half the recipe and I used ground turkey. They were fantastic! I made 8 minis in a mini loaf pan I found in the drawer. I would suggest topping with barbecue sauce or sweet chili sauce for an even better flavor.

  6. I made a half-batch, and now I’m wishing I’d gone for the whole thing. Jeff loved them, and they were so EASY.

    Next time, I’m trying ground turkey or maybe doing half beef/half roasted vegetables.

  7. We absolutely loved these! Much better than my usual meatloaf. The only change I made was using dried thyme – I was too lazy to chop fresh.

  8. These were a lot yummmier than I had been expecting. I substituted turkey for the bacon and dried thyme but other than that, kept close to the recipe.

  9. Easy recipe. The kids loved the just-my-size meat loaves, but I think I prefer something less… ketchupy on top!

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