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    April Recipe Choices + a Giveaway!

    Spring is springing!!  Take advantage of these two ‘fabulous’ Ina recipes to add to your cookie repertoire and let us know what you think in the Musings posts or on the group’s Facebook page.

    In addition to being excited about two cookie recipes this month, I’m totally stoked about announcing our first giveaway!  Random House, Inc.,  the publishing company of Ina’s cookbooks has offered up two copies of The Barefoot Contessa Recipe Journal which is set to be released on April 6th.  This giveaway is open to members of Barefoot Bloggers who are on the blogroll as of April 1st.  In order to enter your name, please leave a comment on this post answering the following questions:

    “If you could spend a day with Ina Garten, what one question are you dying to ask her?  How would you want to spend the day? What would you request to make with her?”

    Post your comment by 5pm Eastern on Tuesday April 6th.  The winners will be announced here on the blog on Thursday April 8th.


    Leslie of Lethally Delicious

    has chosen Raisin Pecan Oatmeal Cookies

    which can be found in Back to Basics on page 214

    and should be posted on Thursday April 8th.


    Cassandra of Foodie with Little Thyme

    has chosen Jam Thumbprint Cookies

    which can be found in Barefoot Contessa Family Style on page 208

    and should be posted on Thursday April 22nd.


    Don’t forget to enter the giveaway with your comment by 5pm Eastern on Tuesday April 6th!


    20 Responses

    1. The question I’d ask Ina is when does she find the time to make all that broth.

    2. I would like to ask Ina if she has thought of re- inventing The Barefoot Contessa Food Shop and turn it into a franchise of shops throughout the country. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to stop in for takeout when you don’t feel like cooking. If I could spend the day with her, I would love to visit all of her food purveyors like Loaves and Fishes to meet Anna Pump and then visit her florist, Michael’s shop. Then I would like to return to the barn and have her cook her favortie company dinner – with my help of course.

    3. “If you could spend a day with Ina Garten, what one question are you dying to ask her? How would you want to spend the day? What would you request to make with her?”

      I would ask how she still finds time to balance all life’s demands so she still has time to cook. I would love to wander through some of her favorite places to visit and shop. And cooking any seafood with a French influence would be perfect.

      In the meantime, I’ll satisfy myself with cooking the two BB recipes this month.

    4. If i spent a day with Ina, I’d probably ask if she ever had days where she just didn’t feel like cooking and microwaved something instead.

    5. I would request a cookout on the beach – or fish and chips at TR’s “shack”. And I would ask her if she’s ever made anything that Jeffrey didn’t like.

    6. Wow, this is tough. I think the first thing I would ask her is if I could meet TR. : ) I would just like to spend the day in her garden, to be honest…and then make a trip down to the beach for a BBQ. And then maybe a quick jaunt around the Hamptons. I’m not picky. haha! As for what to have her make, I would actually like to walk through the process of making a good stock. It’s not something I have ever done myself, and I know it isn’t challenging. But it is the beginning to a great recipe and something I would love to learn from someone who finds it second nature.

    7. I would want to sit in her garden and see her kitchen. I would love to make a dish with her and find her true ease of entertaining..

    8. I’d ask her what she does with all of the leftovers! I’d like to spend the day absorbing all of her tricks and tips, both from being a caterer and a home cook. And I’d want her to show me how to cook a simple but special weeknight supper.

    9. I recently bought Barefoot in Paris, and in it, Ina talks about working for the White House. I would ask her about her transition from that job to fabulous cook, and whether she misses it and whether she keeps up with any of it. Such a huge shift!

      As for our day together… why, we’d be in the kitchen of course! Probably trying some of her more daunting recipes.

    10. Ina and I would begin in the kitchen, talking about our lives and the politics of food, while she stirred up a pitcher of cocktails. We’d take our drinks, either a Whiskey Sour or Cosmopolitan, to the her gardens. There, Ina and I would compare our gardening experiences and I would ask which heirloom tomatoes she prefers for varioius cooking methods. We would then select our ’maters and basil and head back to the kitchen to make her Roasted Tomato Caprese Salad together for lunch.

    11. Well I am going to cheat a little and give the same answer for all three questions. I would love to know her process for finding and creating new recipes. Is she scientific about it or is it more of an art for her. I would love to spend a day with her coming up with something new.

    12. I think I would first ask her “Where did you get the green striped wallpaper in your kitchen!” … that was what actually what made me stop on her show the first time…. then I stuck around because I loved when she went on her “field trips” around the east end… I was living in the UK and very homesick and watching her show made me feel better! Then I started cooking … lol! I would probably want to sit in her garden and drink some wine or some cocktails and chit chat… I bet Ina is a rip when she’s tipsy! I think that would be a very fabulous day!

    13. I would probably ask Ina what is her favorite place to travel when she just wants to relax. I would love to spend a day cooking in her huge barn kitchen. I would love to make her Outrageous Brownies.

    14. The one question I would ask her…would you help me design my new kitchen?

      I would like to spend the day taking notes on how to replicate her garden.

      I would like to make roast chicken with Ina and Jeffery!

    15. I would ask Ina when she felt like she was a good cook. She just seems so collected and effortless in the kitchen, and I wonder if she always felt that way, or if she was every sweating and burning things like I do.

      I would like to spend the day cooking in her amazing kitchen and enjoying great food and a yummy drink in her garden.

      I would want us to make her truffle mac and cheese with her brownie pudding for dessert! yum!

    16. The one question I would ask Ina is, “What is your favorite restaurant food, that you dislike making for yourself because it is too labor intensive, or you just can’t get it as good as their version? Also, what is your favorite New York restaurant?”

      I would love to spend the day touring her gardens, her kitchen and her favorite spots in the Hamptons (Ina’s insider tour of the Hamptons).

      I cannot even begin to imagine what I would want to cook with her. One of her amazing soups, or her Outrageous Brownies or rugelach. I’d also love to help her test a new recipe, or teach her one of my recipes!

    17. I would ask Ina, when are you coming out with another great cookbook! I love all of her cookbooks and use them often!!
      I would love to spend the day at her house enjoying her beautiful gardens, and then end the day in her kitchen having her show me how to make the “perfect roasted chicken” and maybe a Lemon Meringue Tart!

    18. I would like to know what Ina’s favorite meal is. And does her husband ever cook for her?

      I’d love to spend the day touring around the East Hampton shops with her and then making a great meal. We used to go to East Hampton every summer so I enjoy the parts of her show where she’s out and about in town!

      As for the meal, I would want her to surprise me. That would be the best!

    19. For my question, I don’t think I have a particular one. Just some chit-chat with lots of questions that would pop into my head about her recipes, travels, career experiences, etc.

      I would love to spend the day visiting some of the fun shops she features on her show and meeting some of the regulars that visit her kitchen.

      I would love to cook a simple, picnic meal with her to take to the beach. Perfection.

    20. I’d ask Ina if she wanted to come live with me… and we’d spend the day having a romantic picnic and I’d ask her to make one of her scone recipes!

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