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    Q&A Today with Ina!

    photo credit: Quentin Bacon

    OK Barefoot Bloggers, this is your ultimate chance to “Ask Ina!”

    I’ll be talking to her this afternoon for a phone Q&A which will help to promote her new cookbook, How Easy Is That?, and I want to know what you’d ask!  And yes, I’m completely serious about this!

    Post ONE question you’d like to ask Ina in the comments of this post by today at 1pm Eastern.

    I’ll choose a few of these questions and will include them (with a link to your blog) in my write-up which will appear here and on my personal blog the week of October 11th.


    18 Responses

    1. How does she keep her oven so clean?

    2. Does Jeffery ever help with the washing-up?

    3. One of my favorite parts about entertaining is putting together menus that go perfectly together. I usually spend {likely far too much} a lot of time on the planning, but sometimes things spring up last minute. What’s you go-to last minute dinner party menu?

    4. How does she develop her recipes?

    5. Please tell her how much I enjoy the easy and delicious recipes she consistently creates. I can always count on a recipe turning out great and something I am pleased to serve my family and guests.

    6. What hobbies does Ina enjoy doing in her spare time?

    7. I just found your blog last week! I realize I am not alone when it comes to a love of all things Ina. Her recipes and style of cooking have shaped the way I prepare food and entertain more than anyone else. My Barefoot recipes are my most loved, most used and most requested. I can’t remeber the last time a week went by without some of Ina’s food on our table. If I could ask just one question…it would have to be what is her biggest source of inspiration for new recipes?

      Thanks, Tessa

    8. I love Ina’s recipes, but many are bit on the fatty side (heavy on butter, cream or fried). Is she planning on doing a cookbook with lighter recipes?

    9. Since autumn is approaching, I would love to know some of her favorite soups for Fall??

    10. I have all of Ina’s books and her books are always my go to source when i need ideas. However, I have recently had a group of 6 out of town guests that were friends (not family) and I really struggled to work out no fuss menus that were fussy looking.
      When Ina has out of town guests does she have suggestions on specialty things to do for them as well as a simple yet impressive menu plan?

    11. I was watching a documentary on your life. It stated that you didn’t even open Barefoot Contessa until you were 30. What a bold and wonderful decision you made! I am 33 and trying to figure out what to do now that my kids are in school full time. You are such an inspiration to me!

    12. Do you find it challenging to recreate some of the wonderful recipes, aromas and flavours that you would experienced during your days in France?

    13. What is your favorite dish so far?

    14. Oh I’m so jealous. I love Ina! Can’t wait to hear her answers!

    15. I am super excited about Ina’s book tour and can hardly wait to meet her in person!!

      I have started a small blog following her recipes since the best food I’ve cooked has had the garten label attached to it.

      I have 98 days and a ton of recipes.. I am hoping to learn a lot and master her calmness in the kitchen.

    16. Oh, I love Ina! What are some great recipes when cooking for one. I am a single girl and most recipes are for 4 or 6 people. And I don’t like eating the same leftovers for days.

    17. Why don’t you include the pot size in your recipes? Sometimes I start cooking only to realize my pot is too small!!!

    18. Why always extra large eggs? There is an ongoing discussion over @ the big CHOWHOUND website about this. Large eggs are the standard, but she always specifies extra large.

      Thank you!

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