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    We're an [extra]ordinary group of cookers and bakers with a love of all things Ina. We'll be blogging through the recipes in How Easy Is That? as a group posting about them on each Thursday of every month.
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    Happy October Barefoot Bloggers!

    Not only does October bring us Ina Garten’s new cookbook, How Easy Is That?, on the 26th, but it also brings a revamped group.  The list has been cleaned up and we’re going forward with some new ideas…

    giveaways, relaxed participation requirements, a group that’s open to non-bloggers, and the biggest one of all…

    We’ll be choosing 4 recipes per month while we work our way through How Easy Is That? from cover to cover starting in November!! [October recipes will be posted by Monday.]  That’s right…one recipe per week, but only if you feel like it.  Of course we’d love for you to keep up with us each week since this is a GREAT book, but sometimes life just doesn’t allow for the time (or calories!) that a weekly recipe requires. Please be sure to read on…



    If you’re currently a member, you’re still in line to choose a recipe.

    If you would like to be a member, please send us an email: barefoot bloggers at gmail dot com and we’ll add you to the blogroll.


    About the recipes in How Easy Is That?

    After we make our way through current members on the list, members will no longer be choosing the recipes.  We’ll work our way through How Easy Is That? from the beginning, rotating from section to section with one recipe per week.

    The only caveat here is that we ask for you to purchase How Easy Is That?

    Many of Ina Garten’s recipes are hosted on FoodNetwork.com – feel free to link to or post the recipe on your blog.  For those that aren’t on FoodNetwork.com, we’ll ask that you not post the recipe on your blog.



    There are no longer any participation requirements.  Keep posting the assigned recipes on Thursdays but only if you’re about to!  Don’t forget how much you’ll be missing out if you’re not keeping up with us though.  Just sayin’…


    Group Features

    Weekly Recipes: You’ll find these posted in the sidebar.

    Musings:  Continue to check this post for each recipe for tips and comments from other member

    Facebook page: Meet other members and post your BB recipe photos for the world to see.  Don’t forget to “Like” and share the page with your Friends!

    Twitter: Follow us @barefootblogger and use #barefootbloggers when you’re Tweeting about or to the group.

    Link Your Blog: (new!)  Once you’ve made a recipe, add your post link to this post.

    Non-bloggers: (new!) Be sure to hook up with us via the Facebook page where you can post your own BB recipe photos if you’re following along with the group.



    9 Responses

    1. Love the revamp…and looking forward to Ina’s new book.

    2. Everything sounds great! Can you just explain the link your blog part?

      • We will make a separate post for each recipe so that you can submit the link from your blog that contains the results from the recipe. You’ll be able to do this as a comment and it puts a large amount of links in one place so you can just scroll through the comments and click through as many links as you want.

    3. Would also like clarification about not putting the recipes on our blog if foodnetwork.com doesn’t have them. Is there some sort of copyright infringement? Many of my friends who follow my blog enjoy the recipes and it would be odd not to post them.

      • Technically, yes, cookbook recipes are copyright protected though we haven’t been asked to not post the recipes directly from the cookbook. This request is more to encourage others (our readers) to purchase the book if they are intrigued enough about the recipes. In addition, I don’t think all of the recipes in How Easy Is That is available on Food Network so those without the book would be missing out on the recipes since it isn’t feasible for us (Rebecca and I) to type up every recipe that isn’t on FoodNetwork. Please let me know if you have any more questions!

        • While recipes can be copyrighted, it is not how people expect. You cannot copy a recipe directly. You can the ingredients, but you need to change the way the instructions are worded. This breaks the copyright and makes the recipe then ‘adapted’ As long as you do that and use the words adapted from xyz recipe you are fine to post recipes.

    4. I really like the new group guidelines and am looking forward to discovering this new cookbook!

    5. Hello,

      I sent an email requesting admission to the group. Are you accepting new members? If so, how will I know when I am a member?

    6. LOVE INA!! Can’t wait for her new cookbook. She is amazing!

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