Musings: Roasted Figs and Prosciutto

Here’s something simple but sophisticated to make for your next get-together.

What did you think of Ina’s Roasted Figs and Prosciutto? Or, are you having trouble making this one, because you can’t find one of the ingredients – or both?

We’ll start posting this recipe on Thursday, Dec. 30.


Musings: Easy Cranberry & Apple Cake

This dessert looks quick and easy, but is it delicious?

We’ll start posting Ina’s Easy Cranberry and Apple Cake on Thursday, Dec. 16.

What did you think of it? Did you make any changes to the original?

Musings: Roasted Summer Vegetables

There’s nothing like a taste of summer when it’s cold and gray outside.

We’ll start posting Ina’s Roasted Summer Vegetables on Thursday, Dec. 9.

Which veggies did you use? Any issues finding good produce?

Musings: Lemon Chicken Breast

You can never have too many recipes for chicken with lemon and rosemary.

What did you think of this one?

Note: We started posting this recipe on Thursday, Dec. 2.

December 2010 Recipes

I hope the beginning of the holiday season finds you all well!  I think the HEIT recipes for December will fit nicely into those crazy December weeknight menus and may provide you with some ideas to bring to your holiday parties.  Enjoy!


Lemon Chicken Breast, page 120 (post on 12.2.10)

Roasted Summer Vegetables, page 169 (post on 12.9.10)

Easy Cranberry & Apple Cake, page 205 (post on 12.16.10)

Roasted Figs & Prosciutto, page 28 (post on 12.30.10)


November 2010 Link Your Blog

Want to share your How Easy Is That? November posts and see everyone else’s?  Link them here in the comments!

Musings: Roasted Vegetable Frittata

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – it’s always the right time for a Roasted Vegetable Frittata.

Did you make any dietary substitutions or simply change up the vegetables? Will this one be going into your regular rotation?

We’ll begin posting this recipe on Thursday, Nov. 25.