• Rolling Up Our Sleeves with Barefoot Contessa

    We're an [extra]ordinary group of cookers and bakers with a love of all things Ina. We'll be blogging through the recipes in How Easy Is That? as a group posting about them on each Thursday of every month.
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      If you are a current BB member and would like to join the BB Facebook group, you must send an email including your full name and blog address to barefootbloggers@gmail.com after you make your request to join on Facebook. No one will be added without an email request.
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    Reqs & Info

    Please Note: This group is no longer accepting members.

    Requirements for Participation and Info

    For info on the Bonus Recipe Challenge (BRC), please see the section below.

    1. You must have a blog.
    2. This is a bi-weekly event.  There are two required recipes every month which should be post on the scheduled posting dates – NOT BEFORE these dates.  If you can’t post them on the posting dates, post them by the end of the month.
    3. New recipes will be posted here on the last day of each month.  Be sure you take note of when you should post about each recipe in your blog.
    4. You DO NOT have to purchase any of Ina’s cookbooks but it certainly would be helpful in order to pick your recipe when it comes time. Chosen recipes will come from either the cookbooks or http://www.foodnetwork.com.
    5. The order of who chooses is based on the order in which email participation requests are received.  See this page for the list.
    6. If you know you will not be able to participate for a week (vacation, moving, deathly ill and in bed, etc), please send a quick email. I do ask that you make up the recipe and post it by the last day of the month.
    7. If a chosen recipe does not meet your dietary restrictions (vegetarian, diabetic, allergies, etc) you have 2 options: 1.) email me to let me know this and you will receive a “PASS” for that week or 2.) you could modify the recipe to fit your restrictions. Please carefully consider the types of recipes we will be making before signing up.
    8. A recipe or two will most likely come along that you just cannot make for whatever reason. In the case where you just cannot bring yourself to make a recipe (aside from dietary restrictions), please let me know and I will issue you a “SPECIAL PASS”.  Four of these “SPECIAL PASSES” will be issued to each blogger per year so choose your requests carefully. It’s important to remember that at some point during this blogging event, we all will be cooking and baking outside of our comfort zones so please try to “go out on a limb” and try something new and/or different.
    9. I will be perusing all of the group members’ blogs and if there are two consecutive months without the 2 required Barefoot Blogger posts and you haven’t contacted me, I will automatically remove you from the list.
    10. I understand that circumstances change so if after you sign up you don’t feel like you can keep up with the group, please email me and I will remove you from the list. I’ve tried to make the requirements fairly flexible as I know we all have crazy schedules, but please remember this is a commitment.


    Bonus Recipe Challenge Information

    1. The BB member with the highest number of referrals to the BB site will be asked to choose a bonus recipe.
    2. This recipe is an optional recipe and will be assigned a separate posting date from the required recipes.  Post about this recipe only on or after the scheduled posting date, not before this date.
    3. Members can only win a BRC once every four months.



    17 Responses

    1. You are awsome, what a great idea. I am going to go cry now. It is great to meet such kindred spirits. But first, I’m hungry… I wonder what’s in the fridge. Maybe I can put it on a hydrangea leaf.

    2. Does the blog has to be in English?

    3. I am excited about the blog event. I can’t wait.

    4. Do we have a BB logo. I’d like to add it to my post if possible…

    5. […] with the Boys. Love the Barefoot Contessa and want to cook along with us? Check out the details here! This recipe can be found in Barefoot Contessa at Home, or at […]

    6. Can you give me a couple of example links to see what bloggers entries look like?

    7. I’m so excited to find a blog about my favourite television hostess, Ina Garten!! I’ve been ‘eating up’ her shows for 6 years now!
      Favourite recipe: Can’t pick.. buut some of the top ones so far; Outrageous Brownies, Shrimp Scampi, Banana Sour Cream Pancakes, her French Onion Soup… can’ t wait to hear what everyone thinks!

    8. Hello, I don’t know what a blog is but can I get the newsletter or recipes with e-mail? Tonight I am making the Provencal scallops and they looked so good on T.v. Thanks. Carole

    9. OK, I’m game! I just posted a recipe from Ina Garten and I have a few of her books. I will try to post one of her recipes, twice a month. I think I can, since she’s so diverse and I think her recipes are pretty simple.

      Looking forward to joining Barefoot Bloggers

    10. I am going to give this a try….I love Ina’s cookbooks! I vow to try to keep the schedule!

    11. I never blog under my real name. Do you ever accept people under their blog name….and I have five blogs, including a food blog. All of them something something “Cube.”

    12. how do I add the widget Barefoot blogger to my site ( the logo of the site)

    13. I am crazy about all things Ina….and on amazon noticed there will be a new cookbook release from her in late october. Does anyone know anything about the new book?

    14. Im waiting until October 1st to get into the blog! CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!!! LOL!

    15. Hi Tara,

      I got Ina’s new book in the mail this week. I am anxious to become part of the group again. Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Kate@A Spoonful of Thyme

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