Musings: California Grilled Pizzas

Let’s hear what you have to say about this month’s bonus recipe challenge: California Grilled Pizzas!!  Post your thoughts, comments, problems, suggestions here.


8 Responses

  1. I have two problems when I go to make grilled pizza. I’m having a hard time finding a crust that tastes good and performs well, also, we can’t seem to get the crust crisp, but not burnt. I do cook with indirect heat, but I start off preheating the grill both so I can get good grill marks on the pizza, but also so the grill is HOT to cook the pizza in.

  2. The pizzas were great fun to make – I have only one suggestion for anyone about to attempt them: If your BBQ grill is gas, you may want to cook it at medium / medium high. Mine burnt a bit on the bottom on high.

  3. The dough is awesome. Really simple to make with only a 30 minute rise and incredible flavor. I can’t wait to use it again to make a traditional pizza.

  4. For anyone who has made these, how should I scale this recipe to make 1 large pizza? Maybe 1/3 of the recipe?

  5. One-third for a large crust sounds about right. I was surprised by how sturdy the dough for the small pizza crusts was, even when we stretched some out to be the size of a medium crust.

    If you go with a large crust, would you mind telling how you get it from the sheet to the grill? That was my biggest issue.

  6. Can’t wait to make this for the three of us…
    I’ve grilled pizza in the past–with larger crusts, I’ve rolled/stretched them out then “par-grilled” them before topping them…I roll them on a piece of parchment sprinkled with corn meal, then slide it from the parchment to the grill (to carry it, I’ll put the parchment on a cookie sheet…)

  7. I halved the recipe and it still made two medium-ish pizzas. I also cooked mine in the oven because our grill is on the fritz. It’s not as good as grilled but it worked.

  8. I just made these this weekend – a little late I know. They were great! I think next time though I’ll definitely halve if not do 1/3 of the crust recipe. It was a lot of dough – even too much for four people. Also, as I say in my blog entry, I think I’ll add some spices and shredded romano or parm to the crust as well to give it a little more flavor.

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