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    Musings: Vegetable Pot Pie

    Let’s hear your thoughts, comments, questions, and suggestions about the Vegetable Pot Pie…

    19 Responses

    1. I’ve been excited to make this ever since I saw Ina make it on her show! Thank you for making it one of this month’s selections 🙂

    2. Wow, this one’s a bit complicated isn’t it? This might need to be a weekend project rather than a weeknight dinner. And I may switch up a few vegetables… will probably skip the squash, because J is not a fan, and perhaps add some cremini mushrooms and peas (because really, I feel like its just not a pot pie without peas!).

      Dunno about the Pernod, either… that’s a licorice liquer, right? I doubt J would be too crazy about that either, although he likes fennel.

    3. I have been looking forward to this one! I think that if you don’t have pernod, you could probably use brandy. It will be a bit more neutral in flavour. I think a veg pot pie is flexible if there is a veggie you need to switch.
      This is a perfect dish for autumn.

    4. I figured people would switch the veggies to what they have/like when I picked it and I doubt I’ll buy the pernod either. The brandy is a good suggestion.

    5. Very good! I left out the pernod and half the butter. It was wonderful. I messed with the veggies a bit and used what I had on hand. I also used a regular pie dish rather than individual dishes. Of course, there was really more than would fit in the pie dish, but I put it all in there anyway and it overflowed quite a bit, so I’d suggest another small dish…oops!

    6. I’m really excited to make this one. I’ll be doing some serious butter-slashing, though. Doesn’t it call for about three cubes of butter for only four servings. Yikes! That’s richer than Thanksgiving dinner.

    7. I think you could probably sub white wine for the pernod. I’m not a fan of it’s licorice taste either.

    8. does this make a huge pie – should I half it for just two people?

    9. if I was interested in using Pernod, where could I get it?

    10. I want to halve this .. any one have a good idea of what size dish(es) I should be using?

    11. instead of halving it, I was wondering if I could freeze half of the filling, or make two smaller pies and freeze one…what do you all think? … Swanson’s always froze theirs! 🙂

    12. Tara, please mark me down for a “pass” on this recipe. I’ll have unexpected houseguests all week, and won’t be able to do much complicated or time-consuming cooking or blogging.

    13. I’ll take a pass too…I have my son’s first b-day and a halloween party all this week. 17 kiddos running around and time consuming cooking do not mix. I’ll be in next recipe.

    14. I’m here to pass too…sorry guys. Not a lot of cooking here the last couple of weeks and I have a kiddie Halloween party to prepare for Friday!

    15. Is is okay if I post a few days late? I have an unexpected cooking opportunity that “might” lead to a brief moment on local tv. I plan to get it up by this weekend, at the latest Monday!

    16. I made half this recipe and ended up having enough filling and dough for 3 large individual ceramic dishes full! It was delicious and my first time making or eating a pot pie!

    17. I made a simpler version this time of the recipe I just didn’t have time at the end of today to whip up exactly what Ina had made but hopefully will have the time to do it some other time. Great suggustion though.

    18. This is my first week with BB and I was actually not looking forward to baking this particular dish – I didn’t think it would be worth the calories. But, I was wrong, it is worth every extra minute I will be on the treadmill tomorrow.

      I halved the recipe because I have been letting a lot of leftovers go to waste. I left out the pearl onions and fennel. Also, since I wasn’t using fennel I didn’t want to add pernod. I think anise extract would be a good substitution for pernod. I don’t think the dish was missing anything. I also made the crust without shortening to avoid transfats. I am really happy I tried it because it got me a little out of my steamed veggie comfort zone (which actually isn’t a good thing for my figure).


    19. I am planning on making this but it will also be late. It looks awesome! I am making it tomorrow night for dinner.

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